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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 and the final year at Trotts Hill Primary School!  Mrs Cook is the class teacher and Mrs Cornish is the teaching assistant. Mrs Shergill will also be supporting the class on a Tuesday and Wednesday.


Year 6 is an extremely important, yet exciting year, when your children will sit their SATs in May. To ensure the children are ready for these tests and are feeling confident, all the support and interest you take in your child’s education is extremely valuable. We ask parents to read and sign their child’s reading record each week and help their child with home learning tasks that are set.


We cover the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Computing as well as a full range of topics where we encourage children to take an active approach towards their learning including:

  • World War II in History
  • Chinese Inventions in DT
  • Building safe, healthy relationships in PSHE and much, much more! 


Year 6 is a very important year and we have organised a range of activities which ensure children receive a broad curriculum which challenges them. Children participate in a ‘Robotics Day’ where they design and programme a robot to walk on Mars. Children’s Design and Technology skills are developed through a K’Nex workshop where the children build a model based on strict design specifications.  Finally the children’s fitness is tested through a residential at the end of year where they have the opportunity to conquer fears and achieve goals!


The expectations in Year 6 are very high, but year on year, children always rise to the challenge through good home-school partnerships and a determination to succeed.

Important Information about Year 6

SATs Revision Booklets

Year 6 Curriculum Overview Spring 2022

Week commencing Monday 17th January LI: To convert fractions to decimals

Year 6 have been converting between fractions and decimals. 

Week commencing Monday 10th January LI: To demonstrate matching movements

In Gymnastics, we were learning to match our partner's movements within a sequence, including rolls, turning jumps and balances. 

Week commencing Monday 3rd January LI: To follow a line of enquiry

The whole school have participated in a Maths/Science day called Flap the Fish! Each group devised their own question such as: How does the size of the fish affect how fast it travels? or How does the material the fish is made from affect how fast it travels? The groups planned and conducted a fair test following their own line of enquiry, taking repeat measurements, presenting their results and evaluating them. 

Week commencing Monday 20th December LI: To evaluate

In Science, we are studying Evolution and Inheritance. We have learnt about Darwin's Theory of Evolution, in relation to his trip to the Galapagos Islands where he discovered 15 different species of finch with different shaped beaks, which correlated to the types of food they were eating. We decided to test which tool would make the best shaped beak for collecting food. Each group decided on their own way to investigate and present their results. 

Week commencing Monday 13th December LI: To respect everyone's right to be loved

In PSHE, we used a video called 'Love has no Labels' as inspiration to spread the message that: love is love, love has no race, love has no gender, love has no age and love has no disability. 

Week commencing Monday 6th December LI: To ask geographical questions about our local area


This term Year 6 have been learning about their local area and came up with the question ‘Does The Oval Shopping Centre need regenerating?’ On Tuesday, we visited the Oval and looked at the land-use and amenities on offer. The children then composed a survey to ask the views of people who live in the local area and collated the evidence to come to a conclusion.

Week commencing Monday 29th November LI: To use a spreadsheet to model a situation

Year 6 have been learning how to use Excel in a purposeful way such as planning a party! Year 6 learnt how to navigate a spreadsheet, input data and use a formula. 

Week commencing Monday 22nd November LI: To write persuasively

Year 6 have been using our imagination to create a new invention to sell to a target audience. We have used persuasive techniques to convince the reader to buy our products. We have also been focusing on improving our presentation. 

Week commencing Monday 15th November LI: To show empathy and kindness

As part of anti-bullying week, Year 6 have participated in a number of activities. We started the week wearing odd socks to demonstrate that, 'We are all different but all equal.' We learnt that kindness breeds kindness and shared kind words about our peers and are going to continue the 'One Kind Word' trend. Additionally, we watched a video called 'Wing' and were inspired by it's message of being a kind heart in the darkness. 

Week commencing Monday 8th November LI: To revise equivalent fractions

Year 6 revised equivalent fractions in an active way. Each team completed a relay to find as many pairs of equivalent fractions as possible!

Week commencing Monday 1st November LI: To plan an investigation

As part of our topic Living Things and Their Habitats, we have learnt that micro-organisms are living things. We are investigating the conditions in which mould grows as proof it is a micro-organism. Next, we will investigate yeast to prove it is a micro-organism which can multiply.

Week commencing Monday 18th October LI: To write a non-chronological report

Year 6 voted on who they would like to research to write about for Black History Month. Many significant figures, past and present, were suggested, but the winner of the vote was Lewis Hamilton. He was a popular choice due to being a local figure as well as a successful Formula 1 driver and promoter of equality in motor sport. This week, we wrote non-chronological reports about him.

Week commencing Monday 4th October LI: To make a kite

In Design Technology, Year 6 have been looking at the impact of Chinese inventions on the world. In previous lessons, we built and tested prototype kites before designing kites to fit a specific brief. This week, we built our kites and enjoyed flying them in the playground.

Week commencing Monday 27th September LI: To investigate artefacts

Year 6 took part in a brilliant World War Two day in school led by Kate from Stevenage Museum.


The children experienced life preparing to be evacuated to the countryside. They were told about the importance of identity cards and were given their own to complete. They also had evacuation tags to fill in as well as learning about rationing of clothes and food.

The children then handled a range of WW2 artefacts where they asked questions about what they were, what they were used for and who they belonged to. The children enjoyed dressing up as Nurses, Air Raid Wardens and Billeting Officers.

Week commencing Monday 20th September LI: To classify vertebrates

Year 6 worked collaboratively to produce an information text about the five vertebrate groups, identifying key characteristics of each group. Comparisons were then made across the groups to deepen our understanding of them. 

Week commencing Monday 13th September LI: To recap place value

Year 6 engaged in an active Maths lesson today! Children had to rotate around different stations, completing different maths tasks as well as a physical challenge. Katy said: 'I like that we got to improve our social skills within a Maths lesson!'

Week commencing Monday 6th September LI: To write a diary entry

Inspired by our class book, Year 6 wrote diary entries from the perspective of the main character, Bradley Chalkers. Year 6 demonstrated an empathetic insight into the misunderstood character!

Week commencing Monday 30th August LI: To work as a team

Following a discussion around the benefits of teamwork, Year 6 participated in a team building activity to see who could make the tallest tower. It was impressive to see the different strategies but also what was achieved when they worked together!