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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Welcome to Year 3 and the first year of Key Stage 2. Miss Williams is the class teacher on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs O'Brien is the class teacher on a Thursday and Friday. Mrs Burke is the teaching assistant each day. 


Year 3 is the first class in Key stage 2 and children are provided with opportunities to develop the skills that will enable them to be more independent in their learning.


We provide the support needed for each child to reach their potential as well as enjoy the journey along the way. Children are encouraged to express their individual talents across the curriculum and there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate these achievements. 


During the year we learn about a range of exciting topics including Europe in geography, the Romans and Anglo Saxons in history and Forces and Magnets in science. Children have the opportunity to take part in class trips and visits to enhance these topics and they also go swimming in the spring term. Maths and English are core subjects within the curriculum and parent support at home with reading, spellings, timetables and home learning are essential so that children make the best possible progress in all areas of the curriculum.


We all enjoy being in Year 3 and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Miss Williams
Mrs O'Brien
Mrs Burke

Year 3 Curriculum Map Autumn 2020

WC: 28.9.2020 LI To explore fact and fiction.

Miss Williams tricked us today! We spent 15 minutes researching, and sharing, facts about the tree octopus on Google. Miss Williams then told us that everything we had just read was fiction and not real. We discussed how we could find out if facts are real or not and the importance of not believing everything you read online.


Sophie, "Don't trust every website you visit."
Patrick, "Not all information you read online is real."

WC: 21.9.2020 LI: To manipulate clay.

We have manipulated clay in different ways to create our very own Stone Age jewellery. 

WC: 14.9.2020 LI: To explore the Stone Age diet

Today we became Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers! We went outside with our 'spears' and had to find food to hunt or gather. We then sorted these on the playground. When we were back in our 2020 classroom, we wrote a short piece of work about the weapons and foods that were used and eaten during the Stone Age.

WC: 7.9.2020 LI: To create a range of pathways.

This term we will be completing our gymnastics lessons outside as much as possible. We are focusing on moving in a range of different pathways and different ways. Today we moved in a triangluar pathway by either using high knees, hands and feet, turning or jumping. 

WC: 7.9.2020 LI: To identify the main features of Islam and Christianity.

We shared ideas about what we think a religion is and then read and sorted fact cards for whether they are for Islam or Christianity. We learnt that both religions have a God, but they read different books and celebrate in different buildings.