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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Reading Workshop December 2023


Welcome to Year 3 and the first year of Key Stage 2. Mrs Chumbley is the class teacher and Mrs Hunter is the teaching assistant.


During the the year we have many exciting things planned for you to participate in.


During the Summer Term we will learn about a range of exciting topics including deserts in geography and the Romans in history.  In science we will be learning about  plants and also light and shadows.   The children will continue to explore key artists and develop their observation and sketching skills, they will also have the opportunity to design and make a pizza in D&T.  In PE the children will take part in dance lessons, athletics and take part in 4 weeks of Fit Kidz.


We provide the support needed for each child to reach their potential as well as enjoy the journey along the way. Children are encouraged to express their individual talents across the curriculum and there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate these achievements. 


Please  support at home with reading, spellings, times tables and home learning so that children make the best possible progress in all areas of the curriculum.


We all enjoy being in Year 3 and look forward to an exciting term ahead.

Year 3 Curriculum Overviews

Year 3 Reading Spines 

Brilliant Book List

Year 3 - 2023-2024

Week beginning: Monday 13th May  L/I: To investigate whether light can travel through all objects and how shadows are formed.

The children found examples of transparent, translucent and opaque objects within the classroom.  They explained what each of these means and then used this knowledge to investigate and explain how shadows are formed.

Week beginning: Monday 6th May   L/I: To explore observational art

This week Year 3 completed their art unit: observational art.  First, they explored different grades of pencils and then began to draw different objects.  Year 3 were thrilled to meet Annie O'Brien who brought examples of her GCSE and A-Level art work in and talked to them about her inspirations and the different techniques which she had used.

Tihomir " Her art work was amazing and I now want to be an artist."

Finally, the children explored local artist Sarah Graham's art work and produced a final piece in the same style.

Week beginning: Monday 29th April  L/I: To identify coins and compare values

Year 3 have started to explore money in maths.  Today they focused on pence.  They identified the coins, calculated and compared different amounts.  They also discussed which was the most efficient way to add up a handful of coins.

Week beginning: Monday 22nd April  L/I: To use timers when coding

The children had their second lesson in coding today and they learnt how to use different timers.  They completed different activities and challenges which used timers.

Week beginning: Monday 15th April  L/I: To participate in fitness activities

Year 3 had a fantastic session with Fit Kidz testing their fitness skills using a range of equipment.

Week beginning: Monday 18th March  The big school litter pick

Year 3 took part in the Big School Litter Pick organised by Stevenage Borough Council.   They helped to pick litter along the cycle path near to school and in Giles Park.  They did an excellent job and filled four bags with rubbish.

Week beginning: Monday 11th March  L/I: To explore places of worship

In RE and World Views the children spent time exploring the Muslim place of worship, a mosque.  The children explored photos of mosques around the world, watched a video tour of a mosque which explained the different features.  Finally, they had the opportunity to take a virtual tour of a mosque.

Week beginning: Monday 4th March  L/I: To take part in a first aid session

Today Year 3 took part in a very informative first aid session run by Sarah.  The children learnt how to put a casualty into the recovery position; how to help someone who is choking and how to carry out CPR.  The children had an opportunity to rehearse these skills with a partner and using a CPR dummy.  The children were very well behaved and engaged fantastically with the session answering and asking questions.

Week beginning: Monday 26th February  L/I: To explore Pop Art

The children were introduced to their artist Andy Warhol and his style of art Pop Art.  The children had a go at creating their own.

Week beginning: Monday 12th February  L/I: To write and present a haiku

This week Year 3 explored haiku poetry.  They wrote their own on the theme of spring and then presented their finished poems to the class.

Week beginning: Monday 5th February  L/I: To explore perimeter

The children explored perimeter today in maths.  They started the lesson by walking around the perimeter of the playground and then tracing the perimeter of objects within the classroom.  Next they built shapes and calculated the perimeter and finally drew shapes and calculated perimeters.

Week beginning: Monday 29th January  L/I: To make research and make notes

In English the children have been exploring non-chronological texts.  Today they spent the lesson researching information about pirates ready to write their own non-fiction text.  The children read the information, made notes and organised their notes using sub-headings.

Week beginning: Monday 22nd January  L/I: To investigate the climate zones where our food comes from.

As part of our learning in geography, Year 3 investigated food packets to find where the food had grown.  The children used an atlas and then recorded the locations on a world map which showed the different climate zones.

Week beginning: Monday 15th January  L/I: To add media to a PowerPoint presentation

Today, Year 3 continued learning about the features of a PowerPoint presentation.  They explored the design tools, added extra slides and inserted media.

Week beginning: Monday 8th January 2024  L/I: To explore traditional tales

Today, the children started to explore traditional tales.  They listened to some tales and then had an opportunity to read some with their partner.  By the end of the unit of learning the class will have written an alternative version of a well-known traditional tale.

Week beginning: Monday 18th December  L/I: To retrieve learning and edit and improve

Year 3 have been learning about Desktop Publishing in computing.  They have learnt to format text, add images, save and retrieve learning.

Week beginning: Monday 11th December  L/I: To explore respectful behaviours

In PSHE we explored respectful behaviours.  We sorted different behaviours into 'Respectful' and 'Disrespectful' and then played a game which helped us to think more about showing respect.

Week beginning: Monday 4th December  L/I: To plan, make and evaluate a pencil case.

The children explored different pencil cases.  They then designed, sewed and evaluated their pencil cases.

Week beginning: Monday 27th November L/I: To explore advent

Year 3 have been exploring Advent and made their advent wreaths.

Week beginning: Monday 20th November  L/I: To read and summarise information

The children are loving our new unit of learning in English which we started last week.  The learning is based on the book: Atlas of Adventures and takes the children on a tour of the world.  This also links with our geography learning.  The children, so far, have written postcards from Paris and London; explored the Northern Lights in Finland and, today, investigated festivals and celebrations in Asia.

Week beginning: Monday 13 November L/I: To use an atlas to locate capital cities.

As part of our unit of learning on Countries of the World, today we focused on using an atlas to locate capital cities of different countries.  We discussed the difference between a continent, a country and a city.

Week beginning: Monday 6th November  L/I: To write instructions

This week Year 3 wrote their own set of instructions.  They were inspired by Roald Dahl's The Twits and wrote a set of instructions for a trick which could be played on an unsuspecting person!  They thought carefully about the layout and order and included adverbs of time and imperative verbs.

Week beginning: Monday 30th October  L/I: To explore instructions

In English, we will be exploring and writing instructions.  To help us with this we played different games, following the instructions, and also built using Lego, giving instructions to our partners so that they could build the same model.  We identified the imperative verbs and adverbs of time used in an instruction.

Week beginning: Monday 16th October  L/I: To create a balance 

The children continued their learning in gymnastics by creating a sequence with matching and contrasting balances.

Week beginning: Monday 9th October  L/I: To retell a story using adverbs of time

Year 3 have been learning about fables.  They have read and enjoyed the modern fable 'War and Peas'.  They retold the story using adverbs of time to help them organise the key events.

Week beginning: Monday 2nd October  L/I: To create Stone Age cave paintings

The children explored Stone Age cave paintings and then had an opportunity to create their own.

Week beginning: Monday 25th September  L/I: To count in 50s

The children were exploring counting in 50s.  They investigated the link between counting in 5s and counting in 50s.  The children then worked together to devise a game which helped them with learning to count in 50s fluently.

Week beginning: Monday 18th September Visit to Celtic Harmony

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic day at Celtic Harmony learning about the Stone Age.  They saw fire created, heard a Stone Age story, hunted and gathered, prepared soup and built a shelter.

Week beginning: Monday 11th September  L/I: To explore friction


In science we are investigating forces.  This week we explored friction by testing different surfaces within the classroom.  We observed and then concluded our findings with our partners.

Week beginning: Monday 4th September  L/I: To explore place value

In maths, Year 3 are exploring place value.  They created 2-digit numbers and represented these using different equipment.

Year 3 2022 - 2023

Week beginning: Monday 10th July L/I: To make and evaluate a pizza

This morning, Year 3 made their pizzas. They used the following skills: kneading, cutting and grating.  The pizzas smelt and looked delicious.  Well done Year 3.

Week beginning: Monday 3rd July  L/I: To explore how muscles help us to move.


The children explored the muscles in their body and discussed how they worked.  They then created their own muscle so that they could explore the stretch and contract.

Week beginning: Monday 26th June  L/I: To explore angles and turns

The children have started a new unit of learning in maths: shape.  Today's lesson focused on identifying angles and turns.  Year 3 took part in an active maths lesson where they had to give their partner directions using the correct mathematical vocabulary.

Week beginning: Monday 19th June  History visit to St. Albans Cathedral

Year 3 had a great day at St.Albans Cathedral learning about the Romans.  They met a Roman soldier, learnt about the Romans in St.Albans and the story of St.Alban.  They finished the day by creating their own Roman mosaics.

Week beginning: Monday 12th June  L/I: To be mime a poem

In guided reading this week we are exploring the poem 'The Dragon of Andor'.  We spent some time miming the poem.

Week beginning: Monday 5th June  L/I: To investigate what owls eat

As part of Year 3's science learning they investigated what owls eat.  They used owl pellets to uncover and then identify bones.

Week beginning: Monday 22nd May  L/I: To tell the time

In maths, Year 3 have started their unit of learning on time.  They have begun by exploring an analogue clock and telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Week beginning: Monday 15th May  L/I: To develop characterisation in dance.

Year 3 have been developing the use of characterisation during their dance lessons.  They have created a dance to 'The Circle of Life' each group representing a different animal which was feeding around a water hole.

Week beginning: Monday 8th May  L/I: To create observational art work.

Year 3 explored observational drawing.  They started by exploring different grades of pencils and chalks and pastels.  They then started drawing different objects and focused upon creating a 3D shape.  Year 3 then explored the local artist, Sarah Graham and produced a piece of artwork based on her sweet creations.  They found it very hard not to eat the sweets which they were drawing!

Week beginning: Monday 1st May  L/I: To explore and compare pence

Year 3 have started their new unit of learning: money.  They spent the lesson exploring the coins, identifying them and comparing the amounts they made.

Week beginning: Monday 24th April  L/I: To participate in Fit Kidz

The children in Year 3 had a great session with Fit Kidz.  They used a range of different equipment to help build their fitness levels.

Week beginning: Monday 17th April  L/I: To explore adventure stories

In English we are exploring adventure stories.  We are listening to the story Ice Palace by Robert Swindlles.   As a class we are producing a story map after each read.  We have explored vocabulary used to create an adventure story setting and wrote a setting of our own.   The children are really enjoying this story and some children have even acted it out at playtime.

Week beginning: Monday 27th March  L/I: To create a moving monster using pneumatics. 

The children created fantastic 'Moving Monsters' as part of their D&T learning.  They used a pneumatic system using a syringe and a balloon or a syringe and a syringe to make their part move.

Week beginning: Monday 20th March  L/I: To comprehend 

In English, we are focusing upon non-fiction texts.  We are using a fabulous book called "Atlas of Adventures" and will be taking a trip around the world.  The children have created a synonym word bank for the word 'spectacular' and revisited using conjunctions to extend sentences.  The children have visited Finland and London so far and wrote a diary entry about their London trip.

Week beginning: Monday 13th March  L/I: To print

Year 3 completed their art unit by creating prints inspired by Andy Warhol.

Week beginning: Monday 6th March  L/I: To use the Advanced mode of 2Calculate

In computing today, the children used the Advanced mode of 2Caculate.  They explored named cells and completed activities which used cell addresses to create a picture and complete a treasure map.

Week beginning: Monday 27th February  World Book Day

Year 3 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book character or as a character from our class book 'The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon'.  They listened to the class book and then created characters to decorate the classroom door.  The children then took part in an illustrator session to learn how to draw a cat.

Week beginning: Monday 20th February   L/I: To identify the parts of a plant