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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery


Welcome to Nursery



Mrs Wilby, Mrs Norman and Mrs Hunter would like to welcome you to Nursery class! This is your child's first experience of school life and we aim to fill each day with fun and engaging activities. We learn best by playing with our friends and using a range of different resources across our indoor and outdoor classrooms. The areas we have on offer include creative, shape and numbers, the natural world, construction, role play, literacy and sensory play e.g. sand and water. We also have lots of opportunities to develop our communication skills, for example through singing, reading stories, rhymes, playing instruments and dancing. Some of these activities take place outside or in the hall, and  we also make use the large apparatus and play with the parachute to develop our motor skills. 


During the year we look at different topics every half term. As the seasons change, we look at our local environment and celebrate the different festivals and cultural activities that our classmates enjoy. Curriculum overviews with additional details for each topic will be uploaded half termly.


We aim for all children to be happy and settled in our nursery class and we value partnership with parents. Please make use of your Tapestry account to view your child's learning regularly or see below for weekly updates.

Nursery Class Curriculum Overview Autumn 2020

Nursery Class Curriculum Overview Spring 2021

Remote Learning Week Commencing Monday 25th January

Our theme for this week is 'cold'. Here are a selection of activities to take part in (some require some preparation!)


- Can you make a textured picture of a snowy or icy scene? You could use cotton wool to make a snow or snowman, or use foil for an ice rink or icicles.

- Can you practice putting on your winter clothes by yourself this week? You could try to do up your zip or buttons on your coat and put on your gloves and hat by yourself when you go out for a walk or to play in the garden.

- Can you free a toy from some ice? Ask a grown up to help you put a small toy into a bowl of water then put it in the freezer. Leave it until the next day then try to get it free!

- Can you make an ice balloon? Fill up a balloon with water then place it in the freezer. Leave it for 24hrs then take it outside to play. (Remember to let it melt a little before playing or it will stick to your hands!) The idea is to explore how the water has changed to ice and to talk about how the ice feels as it melts over time. You can sprinkle salt on it to make it melt faster.

- Alternatively you could experiment with ice cubes – you can see how long they take to melt, use food dye to make different coloured ice cubes, check if they float or make different flavoured ones using fruit juice to taste.

- More ice experiments are available here: 

- You could take part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch on the 29th-31st January. 

- If you want to stay warm inside, here is a Cosmic Yoga activity with a ‘Frozen’ theme: 

Remote Learning Week Commencing Monday 18th January

This week our focus will be 'patterns'. Here are a selection of activities to choose from:


- Can you create a drawing or painting with a repeated pattern? You could use fingerprints, collage materials or anything else you have to hand (see pictures).

- Can you sing a song with a repeating pattern? e.g. Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle

- Can you learn a dance with repeating pattern? e.g. Hokey Cokey  or for a harder one, the Cha Cha slide, 

- Some animals have patterns on them – watch this video about animal patterns  then you could draw or paint a picture of your favourite animal pattern.

- Physical: Can you throw a ball in different ways? If you are outside, see how far you can throw a ball. If you are indoors, practise accurately rolling a ball e.g. to knock over a tower of bricks or hit a cuddly toy

- Forest school: moss. Can you look for moss and mushrooms which grow on trees whilst on a walk? Take some photos to share with us!

- Moss graffiti: Collect at least a large handful of moss (remove any mud) and place in a blender with 1 cup of buttermilk and 1 cup of water (add 2 tbsp at a time until you get a paint like consistency). Then use this to paint a picture on an outdoor wall. In about 2 weeks you should have some moss graffiti! I have had a go (see photos) and you can google ‘moss graffiti’ for more information.

- Can you work on your pencil control? There are some downloadable resources here:  which you can print off. If you don’t have a printer you can make your own by drawing out a pattern then getting your child to trace over it. Don’t forget to hold your pencil correctly using a tripod grip.

Remote Learning Week Commencing Monday 11th January


This week we tried to link colours to different emotions using the story 'The Colour Monster'. The children enjoyed dressing in their favourite colours and we looked for things at home that make us feel happy. Here is our class version of 'Squares with Concentric Circles' by Kandinsky. It was created by: Annie, Archie, Brody, Effie, Elsie, Emilia, Isabelle, Max D, Nina, Reuben, Teddy and Tryakshar.

Remote Learning Week Commencing Monday 4th January

Our theme for this week whilst learning at home was Elmer. Children in Nursery class enjoyed creating their own Elmer patterns and going on colour hunts. Some children also had a go at camouflaging Elmer at home.

Week commencing Monday 14th December LI: to follow instructions

The children enjoyed making some gingerbread biscuits this week. They worked in small groups to mix together the ingredients. Then they rolled out the dough and cut it into Christmas shapes. They ate their gingerbread later in the week and it was yummy!

Week commencing Monday 7th December LI: to perform in 'The Nativity'

All of the children in Nursery class have been working very hard practising their show for the last few weeks. This week they performed their show and did a great job singing, dancing and retelling the story of the nativity - well done!

Week commencing Monday 30th November LI: to join in with Christmas customs

This week we have been getting ready for Christmas. We made Christingles in our adult led session to celebrate the start of Advent then we decorated our indoor and outdoor classrooms in choosing time. Some of the children even made their own decorations!

Week commencing Monday 23rd November LI: to learn about a different country (Whole School 'Around the World' day)

On Wednesday we joined in with the whole school event - Around the World Day. Our country was Zimbabwe. We learnt about where Zimbabwe is, and that people like to go on holiday there to see animals. We went on a mini safari in our classroom and saw lots of African animals. Later we looked at some of the cities and countryside in Africa, then made some clothes using traditional African patterns.

Week commencing Monday 16th November LI: to celebrate friendship day

As part of our Celebrations topic, we have been talking about birthdays this week. The children shared photos from their last birthday celebration and we talked about the things we do at home.

On Friday we held a 'Friendship Day' celebration as part of Anti-Bullying Week. The children made each other cards to take home and we enjoyed some cake and dancing together.

Week commencing Monday 9th November LI: to know how and why people celebrate Diwali

We talked about Diwali, the festival of lights, this week. The children watched the story of Rama and Sita then tried to retell it using shadow puppets, They also made their own Rangoli decorations using salt dough, beans and lentils. To finish off our 2 weeks of 'light' based celebrations, we had our own mini bonfire. The children enjoyed observing the flames and talking about what happened to the sticks we placed in the fire.

Week commencing Monday 2nd November LI: to know about fireworks night

This week we learnt all about why and how we celebrate fireworks night! We read and acted out the story of Guy Fawkes, created firework pictures by printing with squares of card and tried lots of other firework related activities to practise our fine motor skills.

Week commencing Monday 19th October LI: to develop our fine motor skills

There was a special delivery of pumpkins in Nursery class this week and we used them in many different ways! The children had a great time writing on the pumpkins with whiteboard pens, scooping out the insides using spoons, hammering golf tees into them then winding wool around them and stretching elastic bands over the top. We also picked up the seeds using tweezers and even filled them up with mud and water.

Week commencing Monday 12th October LI: to know that some people can help us

We have been talking about people who help us this week, particularly the emergency services. We had a visit from a police officer and listened very well. Some children even asked some questions. We also worked on developing role play activities, pretending to be doctors, vets, firefighters and, of course, police officers!

Week commencing Monday 5th October LI:to develop our play activities

This week we have been working on developing our ideas during choosing time. The children have come up with lots of stories and games both inside and outside, and have been communicating and working together well.

Week commencing Monday 28th September. LI: to listen and respond to stories

Our topic for this week has been Owl Babies. We enjoyed listening to the story then worked together to sequence the events. We explored the texture of feathers and cotton wool to make our own baby owls. As part of our 'Forest School' activities we also make a large mummy owl and an owl nest together.

Week commencing Monday 21st September. LI: to recognise numbers of personal significance

This week we have been reading the story 'Titch'. In our maths session, we made Titch a birthday cake as he was going to be the same age as us! The children found the number '3' (or '4' if they have turned 4 already) and stuck it on top of their playdough birthday cakes.

Week commencing Monday 14th September. LI: to settle in to our new class

This was our first full week in school. The children had a lovely week, exploring all of the resources in our indoor and outdoor classrooms and getting used to their new routines.