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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

The class teacher is Mrs Flack and the teaching assistant is Mrs Masterson


In Year 1 lessons are balanced between child-initiated learning, as well as more formal lessons. A good transition from Reception into Year 1 is paramount and we ensure that all children gradually and successfully adapt to the new expectations.

The children will be learning about lots of exciting things, including:


Queen Elizabeth I and II

Animals and Humans

Old and New Toys


Puppet making



Learning is great fun in Year 1!


Year 1 Curriculum Overview Spring 2021


Week beginning 15-3-21

This week we have been making Dream Catchers. We had to use many skills to complete them. We had to carefully colour, use scissors to cut out around the edges, use a hole punch, thread wool and beads and attach feathers. 

Week commencing 14.12.20 LI: to make a Christmas card.

We have had a wonderful last week of term. To finish off our week we made these wonderful snowmen cards.

Week commencing 7.12.20 LI: to write a section from a story

This week we have been looking at the story of The Snowman. We watched the video and then wrote about it. We looked at the beginning, middle and end of the story and thought about where we would like to fly to and what it might feel like to fly like James and the snowman.

Week commencing 23rd November LI: To think about others.

This week we made Christmas cards for a charity to give to our local elderly people to say we are thinking of them at Christmas time.

Week commencing Monday 16th November LI: To subitise using manipulatives.

This week in maths we have been working on subitising. This is where you have to make a number in many different ways. To do this we used, bead strings, numicon, cubes and beads.

Week commencing Monday 9th November LI: To follow instructions.

This week in English we have been following instructions and writing instructions of how to make poppies. We then acknowledged Armistice Day.

Week commencing Monday 2nd November LI: To write about our favourite toy.

This week in history we have started a new topic about toys. We talked about our favourite toy and then wrote a sentence about it and drew it.

Week commencing Monday 19th October LI: To make representations of an artists work.

Over the last few weeks in art, we have been studying a Japanese artist called Yayoi Kusama and we have then produced our own pictures to represent her work.

Week commencing Monday 12th October LI: To name and draw three different types of housing.

This week in geography we have been looking at homes in our local area. We discussed the different homes that people may live in and then drew a picture of them and wrote what type of home they were.

Week commencing Monday 5th October. LI: To write about our teddy.

This week we have been reading a story, Where's My Teddy. We had to write a description about our teddy or cuddly toy.

Week commencing Monday 28th September. LI: To think about being a good friend.

This week for our PSHE lesson we looked at what makes a good friend. We wrote on a piece of paper and drew a picture. These pieces of paper were then made into a friendship wall in our classroom.

Week commencing Monday 21st September. LI: To print using a variety of vegetables.

In Year 1 this week, we have been thinking about Harvest. We printed using a variety of vegetables and made sure we used the correct colours to represent the vegetables. We also collected food for the local food bank.

Week commencing Monday 14th September. LI: To make 10