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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery


At Trotts Hill we want all children to feel safe and happy at school. Each year we participate in Anti-Bullying week. We encourage all children to talk to their class teacher, teaching assistant, Mrs Evans or Mrs Magdeburg if they have any worries or friendship issues they wish to discuss.

Please remember bullying is: Several Times On Purpose (STOP)


Anti bullying week


The children focused on kindness and showing respect to others. Each year group completed  different activities based around kindness. As part of anti bullying week we also had ' Odd socks day'. The children wore odd socks to celebrate being unique!


Sophie- I pledge to play with different children.

Layla: I will smile at other children.

Buddy Benches


We have introduced our Buddy Benches across the school. Children can sit on these when they feel lonely, and then other children will be aware that somebody needs a friend to play with