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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Parent Voice

At Trotts Hill working in partnership with parents is very important to us. It is in partnership we achieve the best outcomes for our pupils.


Parents are surveyed twice a year and their views are shared with stakeholders and acted on. Trotts Hill has an open door policy and parents are encouraged to contact the school office to make an appointment with the class teacher, Keystage leader, Deputy Head teacher Mrs Kramer or Headteacher Mrs Evans.

Parent feedback February 2024 including OPAL comments 

Parents feedback October 23

Parent Feedback July 2023 - End of Term


"I would like to express my profound gratitude for the amazing impact you have had on my son's life and learning.  Thank you for believing in XXX and helping him to settle safely"


"I feel XXXX has had a really good year this year and has really enjoyed Year 6 and really like her teachers, shes really progressed well and could not have asked for nicer teachers and a better year for her as her last year at Trotts Hill".


"I could not agree more with XXX's report.  XXXX started school with needs that meant she needed intervention.  She has always been resilient and determined and over the years with the help of the school and passionate teachers has faced those challenges and finished her primary school journey on a high, not only smashing a greater depth result in her SATs and core subjects but building her knowledge as an Eco Warrior and participating in the girls netball and football teams.  Cannot speak highly enough of not ony the year 6 teachers but of the school as a whole".


"XXX has very much enjoyed his time in Reception and it has been fantastic to see the progress he has made.,  I have really seen his eagerness to learn come through this year.  Thank you to a wonderful teaching team for helping his development".


"I am writing to express my appreciation for the detailed and informative annual report you provided for my son.  I want to commend the entire staff, especially teachers for their dedication and hard work throughout the year.  I am delighted to see the academic and social progress of XXX as well as his positive contribution to the school.  While we are leaving, we are grateful for the strong foundation you have built".


"I am so pleased that his first year at school has been such a successful and happy one, testament to a great school and teachers.  Thank you".


"What a fantastic report and amazing SATs results.  We could not be more proud of everything that XXX has achieved at Trotts Hill.  XXXX has enjoyed school and this time she has spent here has equipped her for all the skills she needs to be successful in Secondary school.  We are very grateful for all of the opportunities XXX has had across the curriculum.  We are really sad XXXX is moving on but so thankful for her time at Trotts Hill".


"XXXX has enjoyed his time at Trotts Hill and I know he will look back with fondness.  The school has nurtured him through his time here and helped him grow into himself and pushed him to achieve his best.  Thank you to all of the staff at Trotts Hill".


"I am very happy with xxxx's report.  She has grown in confidence this last year and I think the Science Ambassador role has really helped.  She enjoys Maths and is always trying her hardest with that subject.  Overall I am very happy with her progress and hope she continues to grow within Year 5".


"We have read through the report and acknowledge that is a true reflection of his abilities.  We also hope to support him improve as he progresses to Year 1.  We are much grateful for the relentless effort put in place by the school to see XXXX improve greatly.   Much gratitude to the Teacher for her kind and unfathomable professional support towards XXXX".


"Thank you for XXX's report.  We are very pleased with the progress he has made this year.  We would like to thank the Year 2 team for everything they have done for XXX this year".




Parent Feedback March 2023 


Please see the fantastic feedback from parents evening. The feedback was discussed with staff and Governors and comments acted on where possible. 

Parent Feedback Autumn 2022 


Here are some of the highlights from parental feedback this term. Please click on the documents below to see a full analysis of parental views this term. 

100% of parents would recommend this school to another parent/carer

99% of parents believe their child is happy and safe at Trotts Hill. 


Parent Workshops- Autumn 22


This was a super helpful session to understand how my child learns and how we can further support her.

This session was very informative.

This was very relevant as have never done phonics learning in this way having been primary school educated abroad.

Really helpful to understand and be able to help in their learning.

Informative in supporting and aiding my daughter’s learning.

Thank you for the time taken to help understand how we can help our children.

Appreciate your time.

I’m really happy with everything my child has learnt and is still learning. 

Parent feedback - Reports July 22

A selection of feedback from July 22 reports 


Thank you so much for the past year.  XXX has developed more than we could ever have imagined.  We are immensely proud of him and extremely grateful to the  teachers.


We are very proud of XX and what he has achieved during his time at Trotts Hill.  We look forward to what his further achievements will be.  We would just also like to thank the teachers for all their support during these last few months you are all super stars.


We were worried about how XXXX was going to cope with the transition from old school to Trotts Hill.  Surprisingly, he settled well in the new school.  Moreover, he prefers Trotts Hill from his old school in every aspect.  He has made lots of progression in reading and other learning activities.  He enjoyed every minute of school.


It was a pleasure to read XXX's school report.  We are so proud of the progress she has made this year, not only academically but socially as well.  It is a joy to see she is kind and thoughtful at school as well as home.  XXX has loved year X and all the brilliant opportunities for learning, the support from her teachers and the involvement in school projects - particularly being a reading Champion!  Thank you.


XXX has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at Trotts Hill.  He has taken to school like a duck to water immersing himself into school life and embracing the structure and learning possibilities.


I am very pleased with XXX's progress in school.  He loves coming to school and seeing his friends and teachers.  Trotts Hill is a very good school and always supports the children.  I am very happy and cannot wait to see how much XXX will learn in Year 1.

We thank you teachers and faculty for consistently delivering such high standards of positive learning and values for our young generations.  We hope you keep up the excellent work.  Many thanks again.

We are so proud of XXX and the progress he has made this year.  He is always enthusiastic about going to school and often has lots to tell me when he gets home.  His reading has come on amazingly although I often struggle to motivate him to read at home.  He has had a great year and is looking forward to year 1.


XXXX's time in Trotts Hill has been fantastic.  I am very proud of all that he has achieved from the Headteacher to the other staff.  I say thank you to all.  Parents concerns are always taken into account and dealt with if needed.


We are very happy with XXX's report and are very pleased with his progress this year.  We thank all of the staff for the great efforts they have made for the children this year.  XXX always loves going to school, so this reflects in his achievements this year and that the staff make Trotts Hill a great place to be.


What a lovely report for XXX.  I cannot tell you how happy it made both of us that they managed to do their full year.  Thank you as always for the dedication that you all give to support our children.  A big thank you to the Teachers who have been amazing given the amount of time they missed in year 1.  I will never get tired of telling you how proud I am to be part of the Trotts Hill community.


We are also very proud of XXX.  this is a wonderful report, we are very grateful to the Teachers for all their hard work.  We have loved watching XXX being very conscious in his role on the school council.  It has been lovely to see him take on this responsibility and to see his confidence grow. It is quite unbelievable to consider this has been his first full year of school given the pandemic.  We appreciate the enormous hard work that has gone into nurturing the children this year and we are particularly grateful for the extra support XXXX has had.  Our sincere thanks.


We are so happy that XXXX had the opportunity to join Trotts Hill.  Our only personal regret is that he did not join sooner.  We know it was a steep learning curve but feel he did his best to match Trotts Hill's high achievement levels.  Thank you.


We were delighted to have received such a wonderful report for XXX.  We are very proud of their achievements this year and the wonderful progress she has made whilst embarking on her school journey.  XXX thoroughly enjoys attending school and is excited to continue her learning journey at home where we will continue to support her.  All of this is testament to her wonderful teachers.  We thank you whole heartedly for your continued support and encouragement on XXX learning journey.


We are so pleased with XXX's school report and so happy with the start she has had to school life at Trotts Hill.  It is lovely to see the progress she has made and how much confidence has grown both in and out of school since starting in September.  The teacher and support XXX receives from the staff has been amazing and we are so grateful for that.  Thank you.


What a fabulous report.  We are so proud of XXX for all she has learned and achieved during her first year of school.  Thank you to all who have been involved this year, we are delighted to be able to continue XXX's school journey at Trotts Hill.


Dear teachers, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your fantastic work with XXX.  She learnt a lot and she enjoyed attending school.  This is extraordinary achievement.  Thank you very much for it.  My warmest regards.


Feedback Autumn term 2021

October 2021 Parent Results EYFS

Parent workshop Year 2 phonics - October 2021


100% of parents found the workshop informative and helpful 

Parent workshop - Year 6 -SATS  _ September 21

100% of parent found the information provided in the workshop informative and relevant 


Parent workshop- Reception welcome meeting - September 21 


100% of parents found the session useful 


"It was a very good introduction to the school, I particularly liked that the House Captains spoke highly of the school in such a confident manner"


"I found all of the information provided useful. I found it was useful and powerful. I am confident she is in safe hands"



Parent Comments - Year End Reports - July 2021


"Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you for everything that you have done over the last year in this really strange and troubling time.  As a parent I never imagined that I would end up having to home school my child, however, I always felt supported by you the teacher and the school.  Our daughter has enjoyed their year and is really looking forward to starting in September.  Thank you for helping her reach the targets needed".


"We cannot thank you enough for your hard work for constructing the future for our daughter".


"I am happy with my sons achievement/report.  Thank you for providing great teaching to ALL my children.  I am very happy that all my children went to Trotts Hill School".


"We are very proud of our son for the way he has coped with everything this year has thrown at him and for his brilliant school report.  We appreciate all the efforts made by the Trotts Hill staff during some extremely challenging times!  A huge thank you to everyone at the school and lets hope Year 6 is a little more settled".


"Very pleased with the report, she is loving being back at Trotts Hill.  She is a completely different child now, back to her happy confident old self.  I am really happy with her progress, I am particularly impressed with her reading well done smiles!!


"We really appreciate the hard work of Trotts Hill teachers and staff to received this annual report of our daughter.  Thank you so much".


"Following a year of such uncertainty, I am overjoyed at the progress my son has made".


"We just wanted to say we are thankful for the annual report's comments you provided for our daughter. We are so proud of her and its good to see how she is progressing.  By helping our daughter to develop her skills and feel confident in your classroom, you supported her above and beyond and we are so grateful for that".


"We are thankful for all the Trotts Hill teachers and staff for your hard work".


"What a beautiful report.  Our daughter has come on so much since starting.  She loves coming home and talking about her day.  She is recognising letters and even teaching daddy her phonic sounds.  Thank you so much for everything this year and support with her learning and development".


"I am extremely proud of what our son is achieving at school.  He loves learning and is always wanting to show/tell me anything new he has learnt at school".


Pupil comment - July 2021

"I moved from France to England without knowing a word in English and now I became bilingual and acquired confident and knowledge not only in English but also in Maths and Science thanks to your support.  Thank you for welcoming me, your school will always have a place in my heart".


Remote learning Survey January 2021

Parent View October 2020 

Parent view October 19 

Parent view March 19