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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.


Mrs Chumbley is the class teacher and Mrs Leach is the classroom assistant and will be supporting in class every morning.


Year 4 is the second year of Lower Key Stage 2 and we continue to build upon the foundations developed in Year 3 whilst preparing the children for Upper Key Stage 2.  The children will be encouraged to continue to develop their independence and further develop their responsibility for their personal belongings, learning in school and with their home learning.  


Year 4 is a very exciting and busy year where the children will be continuing to develop a range of skills and knowledge alongside discovering and learning lots of exciting new things.  The children will be encouraged to develop their 'Behaviour for Learning'.   We will   work very hard but also have lots of fun learning together.


This year we will cover a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding including the following topics:

  • The Ancient Egyptians
  • The Anglo-Saxons
  • Digestion and teeth
  • Persuasive writing
  • Pablo Picasso


The children will continue to have the opportunity to be involved with many pupil groups around the school.


We look forward to helping Year 4 develop and grow.



Welcome to Year 4 Parent Presentation

Summer Curriculum Map

Week commencing: Monday 22nd March L/I: To explore the work of artist Frida Kahlo

The children explored the life and work of artist Frida Kahlo.  They used pastels to recreate sections of some of her famous pieces.

Week Commencing Monday 15th March L/I: To create clay tiles to represent the rainforest.

Week commencing Monday 8th March World Book Day

The children dressed up in some truly amazing costumes inspired by their favourite books.  We had fun guessing the characters and books and took part in lots of World Book Day related activities.

Week commencing: Monday 14th December L/I: To sew a seasonal stocking

The children have designed, sewed and evaluated their seasonal stockings.  Everyone worked exceptionally hard and should be proud of their lovely stockings.

Week commencing: Monday 7th December L/I: To present results and draw conclusions

This week we explored what had happened to the eggs in the different liquids.  We were quite shocked by some of the results and were able to conclude that drinking water and milk would keep your teeth healthy.

Week commencing Monday 30th November L/I: To make a prediction

In science this week we have set up an investigation to see what will happen to a boiled egg when placed in different liquids.  We have put the eggs into cola, milk, orange juice and water and will observe them over the next week.  We had to give our prediction and a reason why we have made the prediction.

Week commencing Monday 23rd November L/I: To explore Brazil

The children had a great day exploring Brazil.  They used atlases, Google Earth and pictures and videos to answer the question: Is land use the same across the whole of Brazil?  They identified physical and human features in different areas of Brazil.  They learnt about the weather, the size and location of Brazil and explored Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon rainforest and learnt about the products which the Amazon provides us with.

Week commencing 17th November 2020 L/I: To explore different stitches

The children explored different types of stitches which they will use when they make their seasonal stockings.  Nearly all of the children were able to thread their own needle and tie a knot in their thread.

Week commencing Monday 9th November L/I: To evaluate Christmas stockings

The children spent time evaluating Christmas stockings.  They discussed which features were necessary and which were for decoration.

Week commencing Monday 2nd November L/I: To explore non-chronological reports and build appropriate vocabulary

The children have started to explore non-chronological reports. They have identified the features, explored grammar techniques which will be used when writing their reports and collected appropriate vocabulary to use.  Next week, they will write their own report about an imaginary bird.

Week commencing Monday 19th October L/I: To learn about solving disputes and conflict.

The class shared examples of conflicts they had experienced.  The children completed a role-play of the conflict and how they could resolve it.  Some ideas for resolving conflicts were: walking away, finding a win-win situation, compromise and negotiation.

Week commencing Monday 12th October L/I: To explore Pablo Picasso

The children had previously explored art work by Pablo Picasso and learnt how to draw a self portrait.  They then produced their own Pablo Picasso inspired art work.

Week commencing Monday 5th October L/I: To explore mental health

To celebrate 'Hello Yellow Day' we wore yellow to school.  We completed our 'Hope clouds' and shared our hopes for the future.  We had an opportunity to take part in some relaxing meditation.

Week commencing Monday 28th September L/I: To investigate working collaboratively

We explored working collaboratively and read the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'.  We talked about how working together enables tasks to be completed. We then worked together to move a piece of paper across the table without touching it!

Week commencing Monday 21st September. L/I: To understand the process of invasion and settlement

As a class we played an invasion game so that we could see how the Anglo-Saxon invasion took place.

Week commencing Monday 7th September. L/I: To sort and classify food groups.

In science we sorted food into groups and then investigated which food groups give us energy and help to maintain our bodies.

Week commencing Monday 31st August. L/I: To explore our experiences of Lock down.

Welcome back to school!  It has been so lovely this week to see the children back and engaged with their learning.  We discussed our experiences during lock down and used these to write a poem.