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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

In English, we learn how to be persuasive (sorry parents – it could lead to more pocket money!) and extend our writing skills by exploring legends. In Maths, we work towards securing standard methods of calculating, however we also make decisions about when it is more efficient to make informal jottings. Applying mathematical knowledge in problem solving contexts is a regular feature in lessons.


We encourage home learning to be completed weekly. Times table and, spelling practice as well as reading are compulsory. Regular reading is vital as it helps us to learn new vocabulary and notice how many different ways there are to construct a sentence. Keep reading together at home, as well as independently.


In Year 5, we take pride in putting in 100 percent effort. We celebrate the ‘have a go’ attitude. Someone once said, “If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.”  We value the efforts all parents give to the development of their children.

Year 5 Curriculum Overviews

Year 5 Reading Spines 

Week beginning 15.7.24 L.I To learn and practise water rescue skills

After watching a film about the dangers of playing by a river, the children learned about what to do and what not to do if someone falls into the water and is in distress. They practised dry rescue skills such as lying down - in order to avoid being dragged in - and throwing a rope or a buoyancy aid.

Week beginning 7.7.24 L.I To use blackwork techniques

After drafting their own designs, the children are using the techniques learned to sew their own projects.

Week beginning 1.7.24 L.I To program using controlled loops

Pupils connected a light (Sparkle) and a motor and programmed the microcontroller to use controlled loops, changing the number of times a command was repeated. 

Week beginning 17.6.24 L.I To investigate and compare climates in North America

The children found out about how much climates vary across North America after using clues match the correct graphs about  temperature, precipitation and sunshine hours to a particular town or city. 

​​​​​​Week beginning 10.6.24 L.I To calculate with decimal numbers

After a warm up race to match fractions with their decimal equivalent, the children added decimals, competing with their partner to get to three wholes. 

Week beginning 3.6.24 L.I To create a playable game with multiple levels

The pupils were tasked with creating a space-themed game with multiple using Purple Mash.  In addition to creating enticing graphics, they had to increase the level of challenge and provide clear instructions for the player.

Week beginning 20.5.24 L.I To use tint, shade and tone

The children applied the skills of tint, shade and tone, choosing their own medium, to create flowers inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe.

Week beginning 13.5.24 L.I To use brackets and semi-colons

In English, the children have been learning how to apply semi-colons and brackets.  They applied the skill independently in a comparative report. 

Week beginning 6.5.24 L.I To identify some long and short consequences of Viking invasion

The children were given statements about the Viking invasion and settlement of England.  They were tasked with assessing how much of a threat to the country they were at different points in the chronology and placed them on a graph marked no threat or have control.

Week beginning 29.4.24 L.I To understand what it means to have a balanced diet

Stevenage Football Club delivered a lesson teaching Year 5 about the components of a balanced diet.  They learnt about the five food categories and also how to use their hands to determine portion size. Some physical activities helped to consolidate their learning for the future. 

The children were posed the key question How did the Vikings try to take over the country and how close did they get? They then had to discuss events during the Viking era in Britain and decide how much they advanced with their quest. This was represented as a graph. 

Week beginning 22.4.24  Visit to Airbus

A visit to Airbus gave Year 5 a taste of outer space.  They made models to show how much light we see from Earth as the moon orbits and consolidated learning about Newton's laws of motion.  After learning about the Mars Rover and what it can do, the children looked a the prototypes.

Week beginning 15.4.24 L.I To understand how gears, levers and pulleys reduce effort

Year 5 pupils felt the force this week during an investigation into levers.  They found out that a lever reduces the effort needed to lift a load.  The investigated the question 'Does the distance the load is from the fulcrum affect the effort needed?'.

Week beginning 28.3.24 L.I To made an animal automata

After investigating how to turn rotary movement into linear movement using cam mechanisms, pupils designed and made their own moving toy.

Week beginning 18.3.24 L.I To design and build a bulldozer

Year 5 took part in a STEM Knex Challenge to make a bulldozer.  With an hour time limit, the task was certainly challenging but the children were very resilient and persevered to overcome obstacles.  The results were very inventive Some children added extra features such as a roller to churn up or flatten the earth.

Week beginning 13.3.24 L.I To learn CPR

Year 5 children took part in some potentially life-saving safety training.  They practised how to put someone in the recovery position and when and  how to perform CPR.  In addition, they learnt how to use a defibrillator.  


Week beginning 4.3.24 L.I To respond to a book

For World Book Day, the children focused on a chapter of Who Let the Gods Out. They learnt about the figures in Greek mythology mentioned in the story.  Then, they wrote a response to the events in the chapter.  As a group, they edited each others writing so it would be ready for publishing. 

Week beginning 26.2.24 L.I To write a free verse poem

Using an image as a stimulus, the children generated ideas using figurative language and descriptive phrases.  Then, they wrote a free verse poem evoking the feeling of being alone in an abandoned theme park.

Week commencing 12.2.24  LI: To engage in live performance

Level 3 students, from Oaklands College Theatre in Education Tour, performed a Horrible Histories play based on the Vikings. The children then had the opportunity to participate in an acting or dance workshop themselves.

Week beginning 5.2.24 L.I To keep safe online and suggest how online activity an inspire positive change

For Internet Safety Day 2024, Year 5 consolidated their knowledge of how to keep themselves safe on line.  They watched films to show how phones and computers had developed over time.  They considered how online activity can have a positive impact and make a difference. 

Week beginning 5.2.24 L.I To use short division

The children used counters to aid the understanding of the reasoning behind the process of short division. 

Week beginning 22nd January L.I To understand how leadership impacts on the lives of followers

We discussed leaders we were aware of which included and talked about how Jesus used the scriptures as the basis for his teachings. We read the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount.  Blessed is another word for happiness.  We reflected on the question Does the Sermon on the Mount of any relevance in today’s world? We responded with role play set in a modern day context. Groups could relate to  ‘Blessed are the peacemakers… merciful… persecuted’


Week beginning 15.1.24 L.I To play back hand shots

The children learned how to play a back hand shot and applied the skill in a short game.

Week beginning 8.1.24 L.I To understand the scale of the solar system

Using a scaled down set of measurements, Year 5 modelled the distance of the planets from the Sun.  They were posed the question: Is there a pattern - the closer to the Sun, the smaller the planet?

Week beginning 11.12.23 L.I To learn about the significance of Hanukkah

A big thank you to Mrs Paice who visited Year 5 to tell them about the beliefs and practices associated with Hanukkah.  The children were told the story of the Maccabees and the rededication if the temple.  They learned about the significance of oil and light. There was an opportunity to play a traditional game using a driedel.

Week beginning 4.12.23 L.I To use food preparation techniques

As part DT, Year 5 tasted plain scone and then planned what further ingredients they would like to add.  Move over Heston Blumenthal, there were some new ideas for the perfect scone. They then made and sampled their products.

Week beginning 27.11.23 L.I To create a playable game

Pupils learned about how to reduce the amount of code by making it more efficient. Then, they created a simple game.

Week beginning 20.11.23 L.I To investigate the reliability of some historical information

After studying the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur in English, Year 5 thought about how much of it was true.  They considered evidence such as artefacts, frescos and buildings.

Week beginning 13.11.23 L.I To carry out a fair test

As part of out science topic Properties and Changes of Materials, the children carried out a test to answer the question 'Does the temperature of the water affect dissolving?'

Week beginning 6.11.23 L.I To be active in maths

The children took it in turns to run and collect an addition calculation and work it out using mental methods.  Their team mates had to remain active while this was going on - start jumps, jogging on the spot etc - and then checked it was correct. Back in the classroom they ranked the calculations from smallest sum to largest. 

Week beginning 31.10.23 L.I To hold a bow

The children progressed from plucking strings to using a bow.  It takes a bit of practice to master a bow hold.

Week beginning 16.10.23 L.I To design a tile and print 

Inspired by Kara Walker, pupils carved design into a tile, choosing whether to make it a negative or positive (challenge level) image.  They then used paint and rollers to make a print.

Week beginning 9th October 2023 L.I To understand the effects of flooding

After finding out about the causes of flooding, Year 5 pupils acted  in the role of town planners.  They decided where to site different amenities on a flood plain and give reasons for their decisions.

Week beginning 2.10.23 L.I To write a conclusion

In science, pupils investigated the purpose of an insulator.  At first, they thought the over mitten would get warmer inside over time. However, they were surprised to learn that there was very little difference in temperature.

Week beginning 25.9.23 L.I To communicate and strategise to achieve a challenge

In our PE topic - Outdoor Adventure Activities - Year 5 are learning about how to improve teamwork through better communication and support. In this activity, listening skills were very important.

Week beginning 18.9.23 L.I To identify the feature of a river

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic day consolidating their learning about rivers by identifying the features in real life during a visit to the Lea Valley Park.   They undertook a river speed survey and observed the wildlife.  It was our great fortune to be visiting on the day a rare breed of bird - a bittern- had arrived.  We were able to observe it from the bird hide.

Week beginning 11.9.23 L.I To understand our responsibilities when online

In, arguably, the most important lesson of the year, the children worked collaboratively to explain the SMART rules.  The rules provide them with clear guidance on how to keep themselves safe online.

Week beginning 4.9.23 L.I To identify a range of river features


The sandpit came in useful for Year 5 geography this week.  After studying how a river changes during the course of its journey fro source to mouth, the children made and labelled models to show what they had learned.

Week beginning 3.7.23 L.I To use blackwork techniques

In DT this week, Year 5 are working on blackwork techniques to create a bookmark. Blackwork is believed to have been brought to England by Catharine of Aragon in Tudor times and was used to embellish and strengthen collars, cuffs and hems. Modern blackwork uses the old techniques but is usually more colourful, as you can see from our works in progress.

Week beginning 26.6.23 L.I To write a recount

There's been a murder!!!!  King Duncan has been murdered.  Year 5, in the role of investigating officers, wrote a police report about the crime scene. 

Week beginning 19.6.23 LI To investigate and compare climates of North America

After learning about climate zones, the pupils used a serious of clue cards to find out about the climate experienced by a number of cities in North America.

Week beginning 12.6.23 L.I To learn and improve throwing technique in athletics

In athletics, Year 5 pupils were learning techniques to throw a shot and discus.

Week beginning 5.6.23 L.I To identify some long and short consequences of the Viking invasion

Pupils were given statements about the Viking invasion. Their task was to decide how the threat of a Viking take over of Britain increased or decreased with each subsequent event. 

Week beginning 22.5.23 L.I To pluck strings on a violin

In preparation for their performance, Year 5 learnt a piece that involved plucking the strings.

Week beginning 18.5.23 L.I To design and build a crane

Year 5 rose magnificently to the STEM challenge to build a moving crane from Knex.  In the space of only one hour, they produced some inventive prototypes.  For this difficult task, the PRIDE learning behaviours were present in abundance - resilience in particular.  All the children were able to identify what they would improve on next time. Congratulations to the worthy winners, Sophie and Myah and runners up, Layla, Evie-Grace and Noah.  Many thanks to our governor and STEM Ambassador, Emma Richardson for running the workshop.

Week beginning 8.5.23 L.I To use breathing techniques to calm down

Year 5 enjoyed a lesson in yoga from Happy Little Yogi during which they learnt about the benefits of using breathing techniques to calm themselves down.

Week beginning 24.4.23 L.I To model the phase of the moon and Newton's laws of motion

Year 5 children had an excellent day at Airbus.  They made their own moon phases boxes and enjoyed an interactive show about Newton's laws of motion involving a bed of nails!!!! In addition, they saw the latest prototype of the Exo Mars Rover and found out  what it investigations it is being designed to undertake. A fun time was spent in the activity room.  Hopefully, this has inspired the next generation of scientists.  The support of our parent helpers was much appreciated.

Week beginning 17.4.23 L.I To design and create a program that control a physical computing project

Year 5 designed a fair ground ride and wrote Crumble programs to control the model they built.  They made their model rotate and repeat light sequences.

Week beginning 27.3.23 L.I To make animal automata

This half term, Year 5 have been learning how cams work and planning their own models of moving animals. This week was the final build. Year 5 were very pleased with their outcomes.

Week beginning 20.3.23 L.I To make a 3D model using contour lines

Year 5 have been learning about mapping skills.  They studied contour lines on a map and learnt that they denote the height and gradient of a slope.  They made their own models to translate 2-D lines into 3-D.

Week beginning 13.3.23 L.I To respond to a piece of classical music.

In music this week, we learnt about Gustav Holst. In spite of his Germanic-sounding name, he is actually a British composer who was born in 1874 and died in 1934. Holst wrote a suite of music about the planets. We listened to one of his compositions and tried to work out which planet it represented. Many of us were correct with the guess of Mars. We had to think about the colour and shapes the music made us imagine whilst listening to it. We then drew spacecraft inspired by the music.

Week beginning 6.3.23 L.I To control circuits connected to a computer

Year 5 have been using coding to change the colour of a light and the speed and direction of a motor. They have programmed controlled loops to make a continuously repeated action.

Week beginning 27.2.23 L.I To engage with a book

Year 5 embraced World Book Day with a host of tremendous costumes.  We read 'The Mousehole Cat' and chose different ways to respond to the story: diary entries, letters and poems.

Week beginning 20.2.23 L.I To use formal division

We used counters to understand how formal division relates to grouping and what the exchanges mean. Then, we progressed to drawing it ourselves before using the short method alone and applying it to problem solving.

Week beginning 6.2.23 L.I To learn first aid

Year 5 learnt how to identify how to spot whether someone had stopped breathing.  They learnt how to safely administer the recovery position, perform CPR and use a defibrillator. 

Week beginning 30.1.23 L.I To perform a dance

Year 5 employed a travelling motif when performing to the track 'Space Man' by Sam Ryder using a parachute to suggest movement.

Week beginning 23.1.23 L.I Table Tennis - To learn to serve. To learn to play rallies

In PE this week, Year 5 did a variety of table tennis activities to help them to learn how to serve and how to carry out a rally whilst following the rules.

Week beginning 16.1.23 L.I To create an illustrated biography about David Hockney

In art this half term, we are looking at the work of David Hockney. We carried out independent research as part of our home learning and added these facts into our illustrated biographies. Later in the term, we will be creating our own piece of art in the style of Hockney.

Week beginning 9.1.23 L.I To use dance elements in a motif of movement

Today was the first dance lesson.  Pupils danced a morning getting-up routine.

Week beginning 12.12.22 L.I To adapt and follow a recipe

This week, Year 5 made scones as part of their DT Food module of learning. Earlier in the term, pupils had tasted a basic scone and then came up with their own ideas to make improvements and add flavour and texture to the basic recipe. Some of the variations included: cinnamon, banana and raisins; cheese, paprika and chilli flakes; and apple, lemon and cinnamon.

Week beginning 5.12.22 L.I To understand how search results are ranked

We created a webpage and then simulated a key word search.  Points were given for the appearance on the word in headings, paragraphs and links.  We considered what improvements we could make to improve the ranking of our page.

Week beginning 28.1.22 L.I To learn about history through drama

Students from Oaklands College delivered workshops based on our history topic The Ancient Greeks.  Pupils learned about Greek gods through a series of activities.  The session culminated in a drama performance that included song, dance and comedy and historical content such as The Trojan War.

Week beginning 21.11.22 L.I To investigate cube numbers

Using cubes, we explored how to make cube numbers such as 8, 27 and 64.

Week beginning 14.11.22 L.I To generate reasons for and against