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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

In English, we learn how to be persuasive (sorry parents – it could lead to more pocket money!) and extend our writing skills by exploring legends. In Maths, we work towards securing standard methods of calculating, however we also make decisions about when it is more efficient to make informal jottings. Applying mathematical knowledge in problem solving contexts is a regular feature in lessons.


We encourage home learning to be completed weekly. Times table and, spelling practice as well as reading are compulsory. Regular reading is vital as it helps us to learn new vocabulary and notice how many different ways there are to construct a sentence. Keep reading together at home, as well as independently.


In Year 5, we take pride in putting in 100 percent effort. We celebrate the ‘have a go’ attitude. Someone once said, “If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.”  We value the efforts all parents give to the development of their children.

Important information for Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Overview Spring 2022

Week beginning 17.1.22 L.I To learn about the Mars Rover and the phases of the moon

Year 5 had a fantastic time at the STEM Discovery Centre at Airbus in Stevenage.  The children learnt many facts about the planets.  They viewed the testing site for the Mars Rover and learnt about all the considerations the engineers had to make when building the different prototypes.  They made moon boxes to help understand about the phases of the moon and enjoyed learning about electricity, forces and other scientific ideas in the activity room.

Week beginning 10.1.22 L.I To follow a sequence

The children were very excited for our first dance lesson in Year 5 and at the prospect of having it indoors instead of outside.  All the class participated in a solo freestyle inside the 'circle of confidence'.  Mr Sapsed introduced some new dance steps to the sounds of Little Mix. It was amazing how quickly they could pick up the fast-paced choreography.  

Week beginning 6.1.22 L.I To plan, carry out and record an investigation

We enjoyed a maths and science activity day. After playing with different materials and seeing how they move by pushing, throwing and blowing, we discussed questions we could investigate about what might affect the movement of a material cut into the shape of a fish.  Each group composed their own question - some children tested different materials the fish was made of, others investigated the force of the flapping while some used different objects to flap the fish.  We used cross-curricular maths and science skills to record our results 

Week beginning 13.12.21 L.I To plan and carry out an investigation

There was a bath bomb factory in Year 5 this week.  After learning about chemical reactions, we investigated how to make the best bath bomb.  Each group chose a question. Some children were interested in  whether the colour affected the fizz, while others tested the type of acid, the brand of bicarbonate of soda or the amount of each ingredient 

Week beginning 6.12.21 L.I To understand how historical event influence life today

We have been exploring the origins of democracy through role play. After discussing that our MPs are selected after a national vote, we went back in time to consider the reasons in favour and against the building of the Parthenon in Athens after the defeat of the Persians.  After the discussion, we voted.  Pericles won the argument and it was agreed that a magnificent temple would be built.

Week beginning 29.11.21 L.I To understand the significance of light

We discussed how light has significance in several religions.  Then, we read the the story behind the Jewish celebration of Hannukah and looked at the Menorah.  We learned about the game played by children using a dreidel.

Week beginning 22.11.21 L.I To adapt a basic scone recipe

Having tasted scones made to a basic recipe in our last DT lesson, we added extra ingredients to make our own scones. Apples and raisins were a popular choice, several groups added glacé cherries to their basic mixture and one group added cheese and garlic. We weighed, measured, cut, chopped, grated, squeezed, mixed, kneaded and rolled but best of all - we ate! We all agreed our scones were better than the basic recipe.

Week commencing 15.11.21 L.I To work collaboratively to create a database

After exploring a ready made data base, we worked in groups to create our own databases about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses.

Week beginning 8.11.21 L.I To use bar models

We started by using Cuisenaire rods to represent stories and then used letters and symbols to describe the rods. We drew story sketches and then composed our own scenarios.  In the following maths lessons, we used bar models to represent the problems.

Week beginning 1.11.21 LI To plan and carry out a fair test

Year 5 investigated the speed of dissolving.  Each group composed their own question for investigation such as 

Does the colour of the solute affect the speed of dissovling?

Does the type of solvent affect the speed of dissolving?

The solute used was Skittle.   The children observed or measured the size of the Skittles as they dissolved.  


Week beginning 18.10.21 L.I To learn how to hold a bow

Hopefully, all parents understood why we had drawn all over our fingers today.  We were learning how to hold a bow and the markings on our hands helped us to position our fingers correctly - it's not as easy as it looks!  In addition, we were instructed how to use the correct posture when playing.

Week commencing 11.10.21 L.I To get active and fundraise

Year 5 put in a show of stamina and strength during the Trotts Hill Fun Run with some children running more than 6 laps of the school.  Others took a more relaxed pace but the aim of the game - to raise funds - was a shared purpose.  Well done to all for the huge effort and whole class participation. 

Week commencing 3.10.21 L.I To look after our mental health

We cheered the school up no end with our bright display of yellow to raise money for the Young Minds mental health charity. In the classroom, we celebrated what we are, what we have and what we can.  We participated in 'rainbow breathing' designed to energise us for the challenges of the day ahead. 

Week commencing 27.9.21 L.I To print

After studying the artist Kara Walker, we designed and made our own tiles for printing.

Week commencing 20.9.21  L.I To sketch a river and label its features

On a beautiful day, Year 5 visited the River Lee.  The staff at the centre were very impressed by our knowledge of how a meander is formed and we were able to consolidate our learning by seeing the features first hand.  We made field sketches of the river and the lake. In the afternoon, we were issued with binoculars and were able zoom in on cormorants, Canada geese and other birds. 

Week commencing 13.9.21 L.I To round to nearest ten, hundred and thousand

This week, we have been rounding.  Some children found using a part-whole model whole model before drawing a number line very useful in order to identify the multiple before.  Others progressed to writing their own problems.

Week commencing  6.9.21 L.I To solve a problem

We were given a number of clues in order to find out a mystery number.  First, we tested different numbers randomly but realised that this would take too long.  We then looked more closely at the clues and realised that the solution had to be a multiple of 7.  We used our knowledge of multiples to find which number would satisfy all the statements in the clues. Some of us used counters or a number square, while others drew the problem.

Week commencing 2.9.21 L.I To learn about the features of a river

We learned about how a the course of a river changes from source to mouth.  After a sorting and labelling activity, we made our own models and labelled the different features. Unfortunately, there was a flood in some river basins and the features were washed away!