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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5



In English, we learn how to be persuasive (sorry parents – it could lead to more pocket money!) and extend our writing skills by exploring legends. In Maths, we work towards securing standard methods of calculating, however we also make decisions about when it is more efficient to make informal jottings. Applying mathematical knowledge in problem solving contexts is a regular feature in lessons.


We encourage home learning to be completed weekly. Times table and, spelling practice as well as reading are compulsory. Regular reading is vital as it helps us to learn new vocabulary and notice how many different ways there are to construct a sentence. Keep reading together at home, as well as independently.


In Year 5, we take pride in putting in 100 percent effort. We celebrate the ‘have a go’ attitude. Someone once said, “If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.”  We value the efforts all parents give to the development of their children.

Year 5 Curriculum Map Summer 2021

Week commencing 12.7.21 L.I To make scones and butter

Today, we used the skills of measuring, mixing, kneading and rolling to make scones.  We also shook some whipping cream to make our own butter.  Then, came the best bit - eating.

Week beginning 5.7.21 L.I To explore creative arts

As part of creative arts week, we enjoyed painting stones on the theme of hope and happiness.  We learnt more about jobs in the film and theatre industry when given an insight into how to make props.  We were shown how to fake an ancient-looking map.

Week beginning 28.6.21 L.I To identify plants and soils and propagate

The weather was perfect for our visit to Shuttleworth where learned about how to identify and classify different soils and plants.  The morning was spent engaged in workshops and the children propagated a caldendula seedling to take home for their own gardens.  A ride on an open-topped vintage bus of 108 years old was a real treat.  The day was rounded off by letting off some excess energy in the play park. 

Week beginning 21.6.21 L.I To read regularly

Under the direction of the Year 5 school councillors, the Swap Shop book box has been decorated.  We are excited to read books that others recommend. Remember to bring in some good reading material and swop it for something new. 

Week beginning 14.6.21 L.I To draw angles

This week, we have learned to identify, measure and draw angles.  We have progressed to drawing shapes with specified line and angle measurements.

Week beginning 24.5.21 L.I To work as a team

We set up an obstacle course.  Then, one child was designated transmitter.  It was their job to give verbal instructions to guide the robot ( a blindfolded child) safely around the course by giving verbal instructions.  They had to avoid the 'landmines' (bean bags or cones).  The objectives were to give clear instructions, listen carefully and build trust.

Week beginning 17.5.21 L.I To understand what kind of leader Christians believe Jesus was

We read about how those suffering from leprosy were treated in the first century and found out that they were alienated because people were terrified of being infected with the disease.  We then read the story about the healing of the ten lepers, as told in the New Testament.  We thought about the attributes of kindness and compassion that those who risk their own lives demonstrate in their daily lives.  We wrote poems and letters to NHS staff to show our gratitude for their selflessness. LB suggested we send them to the Lister Hospital. 

Week commencing 10.5.21 L.I To suggest weather appropriate activities

In French, we wrote dialogues suggesting an activity suitable for the weather conditions.

We are currently studying Macbeth.  We wrote our own version of the opening scene using descriptive phrases to create atmosphere. 

Week commencing 3.5.21 L.I To create atmosphere

Week commencing 26.4.21 L.I To bow in the right direction

After a long break, we are learning how to play the violin again.  This week, we revised the bow hold and progressed to bowing in the same direction as an ensemble.  We also learnt some musical terms - largo, andante and allegro.

Week commencing 22.4.21 L.I To investigate levers

We made a lever and investigated what happens when the effort needed to lift a load moves towards the fulcrum. We recorded our results and used them to write a conclusion.

Week commencing 12.4.21 L.I To use different sources of information to inform about the past

We examined images of Viking ships and used our outdoor resources to work as a team to make a representation.  In order, to do this we had to look carefully at the features of a Viking longship. 

Week commencing 22.3.21 L.I To use shade

In art, we have been studying the work of Georgia O'Keefe, particulary her images of plants.  We practised making shades before applying the skill to our own sketches of flowers. 

Week commencing 15.3.21 L.I To celebrate our talents

We made a paper chain of the things we knew we were good at.  Then, we made instruction guides for a skill we were confident at and could teach others how to do. 

Week commencing 8.3.21 L.I To celebrate books

The class suggested some activities and each child chose one to do. They ranged from quizzes, to descriptions and extracts. 

Week commencing 14.12.20 L.I To make a clear print

The children carved a design into a polystyrene tile.  They used rollers to ensure coverage of printing ink and pressed the onto paper to produce a print.

Week commencing 7.12.20 L.I To investigate a chemical change

We investigated whether the amount of bicarbonate of soda or vinegar had an effect on the inflation of a balloon.  We learnt that vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, when combined, fizz and make a gas which causes the balloon to inflate. This is an irreversible chemical change. 

Week commencing 30.11.20 L.I To separate a mixture

The children were told that the police lab had been closed due to Covid and that they had been asked to analyse a mixture to find out what was in it.  They used a sieve to separate gravel but then had the problem of separating sand from the small grains of the mystery substance.  Having looked at filters, they decided to pour the mixure in but found that nothing passed through it.  Zara drew on her knowledge of dissolving and suggested adding water.  The water and mystery substance filtered through.  Some children suggested that we could leave it to evaporate and then the mystery substance will be left behind.  Others thought of heating it quickly with a hairdryer or leaving it in the sun.   The children have learned that a mixture is a change that can be reversed. 

Week commencing 23.11.20 L.I To use geographical enquiry skills

We didn't know very much about India to start with. We were posed the question How is India different from,or similar to, the UK? By looking at an atlas, photos and using the Internet to research facts we were able to compare the two countries. 

Week commencing 16.11.20 L.I To understand how a river changes from source to mouth

After watching a film and presentation about a river journey, we used photos and widgets to create a labelled model showing how the course of a river changes as it flows from the source to the mouth. 

Week commencing 9.11.20 L.I To hold a violin bow

The grip is quite tricky to master at first.  The thumb is positioned just before the frog and the little finger just rests on the top.  Our wrist has to be relaxed whilst maintaining a grip. 

Week commencing Monday 2nd November L.I To design and build a scale model prototype bridge

The bridge had to satisfy the following criteria: 

  • span a gap of at least 50cm
  • have a clearance of 20cm beneath
  • the deck should allow two toy cars to pass each other, and
  • be strong and attractive.


Week commencing Monday 19th October L.I To understand the importance of the Torah

We looked at  a Torah scroll and learnt about its significance.  We then wrote our own rules about how we should live our lives. 

Week commencing Monday 12th October L.I. To use body tension when creating bridges in gymnastics.

We practised refining and holding balances.  Some groups adapted the balances to the abilities of those in their groups.  In other groups, if the balance was to difficult to hold a change was made to make it more rigid. 

Week commencing Monday 5th October. L.I To hold a violin and strum.

 After some rhythmic warm-up activities, the children learned how to take out a violin and strum.

Week commencing Monday 28th September. L.I To sort and classify.

Children used their new learning about properties to sort materials using a classification key.

Week commencing Monday 21st September. L.I. To write an explanation

Week commencing Monday 14th September L.I. To identify the properties of materials (electrical conductors and insulators)

Week commencing Monday 7th September L.I. To solve a problem