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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

The class teacher is Mrs Dent and the teaching assistant is Mrs Paice. We also have a Schools Direct student teacher, Miss Carpenter, working in our class so we are very lucky indeed!



In the summer term the children will be learning all about animals. In Science the children will be learning about different habitats and micro habitats. The children will be investigating different types of mini beasts and classifying them. In Geography the children will be travelling virtually to Africa, where they will learn all about, and compare, Kenya with the UK. The children will look at the climate, culture, animals and various habitats. We will be linking art and DT to animals this term too! As part of History the children will be learning about a significant person in History: Nelson Mandela.


The children will be participating in PE and outdoor skills on Wednesdays and Fridays. They will need to bring in their PE kits on these days.

The children will great fun and enjoy learning new skills and topics!

Maths resources to support learning- to be printed if needed

Year 2 Curriculum Overview Summer 2022

Week Commencing 27th June     LI: To measure

Year 2 have been investigating measure. This week they have been looking at height and length. The children have been measuring using non-unit measures.

Week commencing 20th June 2022       LI: To investigate capacity

Year 2 linked their maths learning to their class book and completed a lesson linked to George's Marvellous Medicine. The children had to measure different amounts to create a special medicine for George.

Week Commencing 13th June 2022   LI: To investigate a different locality.

Year 2 took a virtual trip to Kenya via Trotts Hill Travels! The children experienced flying in an aeroplane, going on safari and learning about the different weather and climate in Kenya. The children looked at compass points and investigated different people living in Kenya.

Week commencing 6th June 2022  LI: To investigate microhabitats

Year 2 investigated different habitats in our school grounds. They then classified the different animals found.

Week commencing 23rd  May 2022   LI: To role play

As part of history the children focused on the Jubilee. The children got into role and act out a significant part in Queen Elizabeth's life.

Week commencing 16th May 2022      LI: To investigate movement and direction.

Week Commencing 9th May 2022   LI: to understand our feelings.

Year 2 have been investigating different feelings and learning what to do if they feel sad or worried. Year 2 made some worry monsters.

Week Commencing 2nd May 2022  LI: To investigate patterns

In art Year 2 investigated patterns in our school environment. The children looked for patterns in nature and linked to insects.

Week Commencing 25th April 2022     LI: To draw patterns

Year 2 have started their new topic in art focusing on insects. The children started creating their first page of their sketch book looking, in detail, at different insects and their patterns.

Week Commencing 18th April 2022   LI: To create a vehicle.

The children had a wonderful time following their designs to make their vehicles. The children focused on making and measuring their axels and chassis base.

Week Commencing 28th March     LI: To investigate 2D and 3D shapes

In Maths Year 2 investigated 3D and 2D shapes. The children went on a shape hunt around the school.

Week Commencing 21st March 2022   LI: To understand compass points.

Year 2 were learning about compass points in Geography. They created their own compass points.

Week Commencing 14th March 2022   LI: To follow a dance routine

Year 2 have been practising their dance each week ready for their performance in a fortnight.

Week Commencing 7th March 2022    LI: To understand religious celebration

Year 2 were investigating the Jewish festival Purim. The children made Hamantaschen biscuits and enjoyed them at home.

Week Commencing 28th February 2022.  LI: To explore settings.

Year 2 used the Forest school area to create their own settings for Traction Man. The children had to think about keeping Traction camouflaged, protected from the rain and the sun.

Week Commencing 21st February 2022     LI: To role play.

Year 2 had a wonderful day dressed up as superheroes. The children learned about their new book Traction Man and completed different activities linked to the book.

Week commencing 7th February 2022     LI: to stay safe online

As part of E Safety day Year 2 looked at the importance of keeping logins private. They discussed how they would react if people online asked for their personal details and acted out their responses.

Week commencing 31st January 2022   LI: To focus on wellbeing.

Year 2 had a wonderful few weeks learning different yoga poses and routines.

Week Commencing 24th January 2022   LI: To infer

Year 2 read a new book- Vlad the flea. The children then thought about the main characters: Vlad and Boxton. The children got into role and interviewed each other. Each time the children had to role play either Vlad or Boxton.

Week Commencing 17th January 2022     LI: To add money.

Year 2 went on a virtual shopping trip and bought different items. The children took turns being both the customer and the shopkeeper.  The children had to focus on their accuracy when counting money.

Week Commencing 10th January 2022      LI: To investigate different artefacts.

Stevenage museum visited Year 2 today. The class investigated different artefacts linked to the Great Fire of London. The children learned about old buildings, structures and new and old lighting. They asked interesting questions about the different artefacts.

Week commencing 3rd January 2022     LI: To investigate

As part of our Maths and Science themed week, the children observed a real fish and looked at all the features closely.

Week commencing13th December 2021      LI: To subtract.

The children have been using number line to support their understanding of subtraction across the 10s.

Week commencing 6th December 2021      LI: To roleplay

Year 2 had a surprise this week. All of the white board pens had left the classroom but had left a message! The children got into role and imagined how it would have felt being the whiteboard pen. They thought of ways to persuade them to return.

Week Commencing 29th November 2021    LI: To  understand different festivals.

Year 2 had a special visitor today who shared their great knowledge about Chanukah. The children learned about it and investigated different traditions.

Week commencing 22nd November 2021.         LI: To research

Year 2 worked very hard with their home learning. They investigated The Plague and looked at plague doctors.

Week commencing 15th November 2021   LI: To infer

Year 2 have been learning about a new book; The Day The Crayons Quit. This week the children have been investigating the book and learning about the characters.

Week commencing 1st November. History: LI To use historical sources as evidence. 

Year 2 have started a new History topic on The Plague. As an introduction to this, they looked at evidence and wrote about what they could see. This begins their learning and they are looking forward to learning more and more. 

Week Commencing 18th October. LI: To make sandwiches

Year 2 made sandwiches and had an indoor picnic. As part of DT week the children investigated where their food came from and then designed, created and ate their own sandwiches.

Week Commencing 11th October 2021    LI: To investigate different islands.

Year 2 investigated an island. The children created islands and investigated how they flooded.

Week Commencing 4th October 2021   LI: To use number lines.

This week Year 2 were learning about number lines. The children had blank number lines today and had to place different numbers.

Week Commencing 27th September   LI: To investigate a setting.

Year 2 pretended to be Rapunzel, escaping the tower. The children thought about what they would see, hear and feel alone in the woods.

Week commencing 20th September 2021    LI: To investigate bread

The children investigated different types of bread. They described the smell, taste and appearance of a variety of breads.

Week commencing 13th September 2021   LI: To create bar charts

In Science this week the children investigated that different food groups. they then discussed what fruit they had eaten, and created interactive bar charts to show this.

Week commencing 6th September 2021   LI: To recount

Year 2 had some visitors this week. The quiet Critters have visited the classroom. The children each wrote a recount about the experience.