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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

The class teacher is Mrs Dent and the teaching assistant is Mrs Paice.


Year 2 is an exciting year as the children grow in confidence and become independent learners. In Year 2 we aim to extend children’s knowledge and enrich the curriculum by learning through enjoyment. Children will be learning about lots of exciting things, including:

  • The Great Fire of London
  • Comparing localities- Kenya and England
  • Mini beasts and their habitats
  • The Great Plague
  • Super heroes



The children will also be completing some transition units from Year 1 into Year 2 to support the children after lock down.


This year, in school, children will be focusing on reading and spelling. They will read a range of texts and learn lots of new vocabulary. We encourage the children to read as much as possible at home. Please ensure the children read at least four times a week. Please sign the reading record to show you have read with your child.


The children will be participating in PE and Yoga on Wednesdays and Fridays. They will need to wear their school PE kit on these days.


The children have great fun and enjoy learning new skills and topics!

Week Commencing 11th October 2021 LI: To investigate different islands.

Year 2 investigated an island. The children created islands and investigated how they flooded.

Week Commencing 4th October 2021 LI: To use number lines.

This week Year 2 were learning about number lines. The children had blank number lines today and had to place different numbers.

Week Commencing 27th September LI: To investigate a setting.

Year 2 pretended to be Rapunzel, escaping the tower. The children thought about what they would see, hear and feel alone in the woods.

Week commencing 20th September 2021 LI: To investigate bread

The children investigated different types of bread. They described the smell, taste and appearance of a variety of breads.

Week commencing 13th September 2021 LI: To create bar charts

In Science this week the children investigated that different food groups. they then discussed what fruit they had eaten, and created interactive bar charts to show this.

Week commencing 6th September 2021 LI: To recount

Year 2 had some visitors this week. The quiet Critters have visited the classroom. The children each wrote a recount about the experience.

Week commencing 12th July 2021 LI: To understand life cycles.

We have had caterpillar in our classroom. Two weeks ago the caterpillars created their chrysalis and this week we have seen the arrival of butterflies. We observed them over time and released them today.

Week Commencing 5th July 2021 LI: To perform

Mr Driver performed and retold a well known Traditional Tales to the class. After the performance the children then discussed what a performance was and participated in some drama activities.

Week Commencing 28th June 2021 LI: To learn about different habitats

The children had a wonderful day at the zoo learning about different animals and their habitats.

Week commencing 21st June 2021 LI: To investigate habitats

Year 2 Investigated the different habitats that mini beasts live in. They focused on what sort of condition the animals would need.

The children then chose different materials for their own bug hotels

Week Commencing 14th June LI: To recognise different fractions

This week Year 2 have been investigating fractions. We looked at, and compared, halves, quarters and thirds.

Week commencing 7th June 2021 LI: To investigate different habitats.

Year 2 investigated different habitats. The children looked at the variety of mini beasts that fell out of a tree onto a sheet. We also dug up areas in the wild life are to find different insects.

Week Commencing17th May 2021 LI: To create algorithms

In Computing the children have been learning about coding. This week the children created different algorithms, or instructions, to create different sized squares and rectangles.

Week commencing 10th May 2021 LI: To create a puppet.

The children had a lovely day designing and making their African animal puppets. The children learned to do a running stitch and a back stitch.

Week Commencing 3rd May 2021

Year 2 used different resources in maths to represent multiplication sentences. The children had to explain their thinking.

Week commencing 26th April 2021 LI: To investigate habitats

Year 2 investigated different mini beasts and their habitats this week. Everyone looked under rocks, in the grass and wooded area of the wildlife area. They created tally charts to record what they had found.

Week commencing 19th April 2021 LI: To investigate different localities.

Today Year 2 had a virtual trip to Kenya. The children went on a virtual trip to Kenya via plane. In the morning the children went on safari and learned about different animals from a hot country. They then looked at different artefacts, their uses and material.

Week commencing 12th April 2021 LI: To infer

The children had a wonderful day dressed as superheroes. To introduce our new class book 'Traction Man' Year 2 were invited to dress up as superheroes. The children completed different activities linked to the book.

Week commencing 22nd March 2021 LI: To persuade

Year 2 had a very exciting day. After reading the story ' The Day The Crayons Quit' Year 2 arrived in school to find that the chairs had quit! The children had to think of ways in which to persuade the chairs to come back to class.

Week Commencing 15th March LI: To investigate artefacts from the past.

Week commencing 8th March 2021 LI: To create a moving vehicle.

The children designed and made their own moving vehicles. The children had to measure, cut, saw and fit their designs. They finally decorated them.

Week Commencing 14th December LI: To use pattern.

The children created different patterned artwork using oil pastels. They researched different patterns to create their main design.

Week commencing 7th December LI: To persuade

The children watched a short movie about an excitable dragon who kept burning things. The children discussed whether or not people would want him in their village. The children then took on the role of either the villagers or Edgar the dragon's friend, and thought of ideas to persuade him to with stay or leave.

Week commencing 30th November LI: To learn about the Christmas Story

This week the children went on a virtual trip to our local church to learn about the Christmas story. The children watched interviews with the Three Kings, Shepherds and Joseph  to explore the story. They then made different items linked to the story.

Week commencing 23rd November LI: To investigate different localities

Year 2 virtually visited Poland! Everyone used atlases to locate the country. We then used Google Earth to find different Geographical land marks in Poland.

Week commencing 16th November 2020 LI:To count

This week Year 2 have been counting. The children investigated counting up in 2s, 5,s 10s and 3s. We looked for patterns and different number relationships.

Week Commencing 9th November LI: To understand significant points in history

This week the children learned about Remembrance. The children watched different videos to understand more about Remembrance. We looked at the different coloured poppies and what they represent. We then made purple and red poppies and created our own class wreath!

Week commencing 2nd November LI: To use paint

Year 2 use a paint programme to create their own farming pictures.

Week commencing 19th October 2020 LI: To investigate black musicians

As part of Black History month Year 2 investigated different black artists. We talked about who they were, what genre of music they sang and also what impact they have had on music.

We then listened to different songs and drew how it made us feel!

Week commencing 12th October LI: To make pizzas

Year 2 had a great time making their own pizzas! The children designed their own healthy pizzas and created them. The children even had to knead their own dough! They will be going home for the children to bake for their dinner!

Week commencing Monday 5th October. LI: To investigate.

Year 2 arrived on Monday to a crime scene! Someone had eaten lots of porridge in different sized bowls and left a mess. The children investigated the evidence and made 'Wanted' signs to find their suspect!

Week commencing Monday 28th September. LI: To investigate different characters

Year 2 had a special Fairy tale day! The children completed different role play activities, measured different footprints in Maths and attended a Fairy tale ball in the afternoon, where they learned different dances!

Week commencing Monday 21st September. LI: To log into different programmes

This week the children practised logging into Purple Mash. Everyone logged in and created their art artwork linked to Harvest. There were lots of colourful basket of fruit and vegetables  created.

Week commencing Monday 14th September. LI: To understand different food groups.

In Science the children investigated fruit and vegetables. We created a class tally chart of all the fruit we had eaten on Thursday. Children were then asked how they could represent their  data.

Week commencing Monday 7th September. LI: To add

The children investigated different ways to add to 10.