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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Trotts Hill Houses

Trotts Hill Houses 2019-2020

Our Trotts Hill Houses promote responsibility, good learning, team work and competition. Every child from Nursery to Year 6, and every adult who works in the school, is placed in one of our four Houses. Each House takes it name after an inspirational person, who has achieved something outstanding in their lifetime.


Children can earn House points for displaying excellent learning behaviours and showing positive manners around the school.


Each term the House Captains will collate each class’ House Points and a winning House will be announced in assembly.



Head of House: Mrs Jordan
House Captains: Harry and Georgia



Head of House: Mrs Flack
House Captains: Florence and Koray



Head of House: Mrs Chumbley
House Captains: Naomi and Cody



Head of House: Miss Williams and Miss Wright
House Captains: Leo and Asha


Winners for Autumn Term 2019


Hawking! Congratulations to Hawking who gained the most house points this term for fantastic learning, behaviour, effort and sporting achievements. Hawking will have a non-uniform day on Wednesday 8th January and can wear their house colour blue if they wish. 

Winners for the Summer Term 2019

1st – Farah: 1352 points
2nd – Picasso: 1227 points
3rd – Rowling: 1170 points
4th – Hawking: 979 points

The House Captains are excited for the first house event of the year on Wednesday 6th November. The theme is “Dream Big” and will begin our work throughout the year on aspiration. We want our children to feel inspired and for them to believe they can achieve their dreams. Throughout the year we are looking for people to visit school and talk about their jobs/careers and hope to hold a career fayre in the summer term. If you would like to come and talk to the children about your job or know someone that would, please contact Mrs Evans or Miss Moles.  More details to follow........

Dream Big House Event- Wednesday 6th November 2019


On Wednesday 6th November the House Captain led a "Dream Big" house event. They introduced the event with a powerpoint about people who inspire them. Each house talked and learnt about aspirations and hopes and dreams for the future. They made  dream catchers, dream jars, dream mobiles and leaves to hang on the aspiration tree. The children worked together, supporting and helping each other, showing the Trotts Hill learning behaviours. The houses then came back together and shared their hopes and dream for the future. The career aspirations for our pupils reached far and wide. Some aspirations for future jobs were:

Sophie- Hairdresser, Freya- Paleontologist, George- Rugby Player, Scout- Police, Grace- Journalist, JB- Accountant or Gamer.

During the year we hope to invite visitors to our school to inspire children and expose them to various different professions. 



Dream Big- "I can and I will"

An informative visit from a local midwife

 Thank you to Mrs Altringham for coming to talk to the children about her job as a midwife during assembly today. Mrs Altringham has been a nurse and then a midwife for 40 years and has delivered thousands of babies. We learnt that to work in the medical profession you need to be caring, respectful, patient and hard working.

Visitors to Trotts Hill to inspire us to "Dream Big"

Our dream big mural
Mr Freeman the Police Officer
Tony Garbett the Athlete
Mrs Richardson the Scientist
Mrs Williams the Lawyer

As part of our dream big project people from different professions have visited our school. So far we have learnt about being an athlete, a police office, a scientist, and a lawyer. We have learnt that it is important to work hard at school, read widely and to use a computer. In order to be successful you need to persevere, be determined and resilient, which are some of our Trotts Hill learning behaviours. 


We look forward to welcoming an member of parliament and a vet over the next few weeks.