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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Trotts Hill Houses

Trotts Hill Houses 2023-2024

Our Trotts Hill Houses promote responsibility, good learning, team work and competition. Every child from Nursery to Year 6, and every adult who works in the school, is placed in one of our four Houses. Each House takes it name after an inspirational person, who has achieved something outstanding in their lifetime.


Children can earn House points for displaying excellent learning behaviours and showing positive manners around the school.


Each term the House Captains will collate each class’ House Points and a winning House will be announced in assembly.



Head of House: Mrs Jordan
House Captains: Luke and Sophie



Head of House: Mrs Flack
House Captains: Evie-Grace and Ollie 



Head of House: Mrs Chumbley
House Captains: Finn and Layla



Head of House: Miss Ruddock
House Captains: Riya and Joshua

Hello Yellow Day


What an absolutely fantastic "Hello Yellow" House morning we had on Tuesday 10th October 2023. The House Captains gave a presentation to the whole school and visited each house to teach about the zones of regulation. The House Captains made everyone feel  really proud. The House Captains met several times with Mrs Evans and gave up their own time to bring their creative ideas to life and led a fantastic house morning. We all read the book "How to be a bucket filler" and discussed how to fill our own and others invisible buckets.  The children behaved brilliantly showing the PRIDE learning behaviours throughout.



September 23


The House Captains are meeting regularly with Mrs Evans, they have all agreed the job description for the year ahead and written the action plan. They are beginning to work well together as a team and have fantastic ideas. 

Sports Day Speeches Summer 2023


Good morning everyone and welcome to this Year’s Sports Day. We are your Rowling House Captains: Alanna and Hannah and we just want to wish you all the best of luck!

J.K Rowling once said, ‘It is our choices that truly define who we are, not our abilities.’ This means that it doesn’t matter how skilled you are as long as you make good choices. We want you to take this message and use it. This can mean encouraging others to do well or simply picking someone’s bottle up. This means doing something to make someone smile.

Don’t forget to be: supportive of everyone (no matter the house) and be determined to try your hardest. We believe that although you may not win every race, it’s the effort that matters the most. So come on Rowling, let’s win Sports Day again this year!



Good morning Hawking,

Today is the KS2 sports day and we are your House Captains: Bella and Preston. You’ll be attending activities before starting the competitive races. We wish you all the very best. Even if we don’t win, we can still say we tried and had fun. Don’t worry if we don’t succeed and win sports day, we tried our best and used our pride learning behaviour's: Perseverance, Resilience, Independence, Determination and the most of all Enjoyment. We have faith in you, we believe in you, we trust you and we want to work together to win. As Steven Hawking said, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

Lastly, Rowling have won for the past 5 years, so we are going to try our best to end their streak and start our own. Good luck and have fun!


Good morning Picasso, welcome to this Year’s Sports Day. We are your Picasso house captains: Amelia and William and we are wishing you all  the very best of luck. It does not matter if you don’t win every race, just try your best and work your hardest. Come on Picasso if we have faith we could win. Remember your Pride learning behaviours: Perseverance, Resilience, Independence, Determination and Enjoyment. Cheer on your teammates on and have good sportsmanship to the other teams.

Pablo Picasso once said, ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’ Come on Picasso we have belief that we can win.



Good morning Farah.

Welcome to this Year’s Sports Day. We are your house captains: Aayat and Louie and we are here to wish you the best of luck. We want you to remember that the most important thing is to try your best and enjoy yourselves. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose the races. There are many races to compete in. Every race is a new one, a new opportunity, a new chance to win. If we try our best, we will be winners. Like Mo Farah once said: ‘No matter what or where you come from if you work hard at something you can achieve it.’

As you all know, Rowling has won for five years in a row due to their exceptional teamwork. If we all work together, we will win. During all of this, remember your P.R.I.D.E learning behaviours; perseverance, resilience, independence, determination and enjoyment.

We can achieve high. We can succeed. We can and we will win.


House winners Autumn Term 2022

It has been fantastic this term to see so many children earning house points for following our school rules, gaining house points in inter-house sporting games and showing high standards of behaviour, learning and achievement. The house winners this term are Picasso. Congratulations to them. Picasso will have a non-uniform day on Monday 9th January and they can wear the house colours of red if they wish to.


1st place Picasso 2457 house points

2nd place Hawking 2278 house points

3rd place Rowling 2202 house points

4th place Farah 2040 house points 


Wonderful Walking


The House Captains meet with Mrs Evans regularly and share any feedback. The House Captains shared that children were not moving around the school as safely as they could be and some were rushing outside. The House Captains introduced wonderful walking to the children and demonstrated how to walk safely and sensibly around the school site. The House Captains gave house points for wonderful walking around school. 



Monday 26th September 2022


European Day of Languages
This morning we gathered together in our different houses to celebrate the European Day of Languages. 
Rowling -Italian ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น
Picasso- Romanian ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ด
Hawking- Turkish ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท 
Farah- Polish ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฑ

We thought about the different cultures, geographical locations as well as exploring the languages through stories. We were impressed with all the PRIDE learning values we could see being displayed by the children. 

There are 22 different languages spoken in Trotts Hill  and we are so proud of our diverse and vibrant school community!

House Captains 22-23


The new House Captains have met with me twice in the first week of term. We started to plan our first house day on Monday 26th September "European Day of Languages". There are 22 different languages spoke  in our school and we have chosen 4 countries to look at in more detail: Turkey, Romania, Italy and Poland. The House Captains will support Mrs Evans and Mrs Chumbley to lead this whole school event. 


The House Captains will meet regularly. In each meeting one of the House Captains will take minutes, we will agree and actions and discuss AOB (any other business)   


The House Captains reviewed and agreed a job description. They have made an exceptional start to the school year. 



House Captains

 Job Description



  • To be a role-model to other children in the school
  • To model exemplary behaviour
  • To support the pupils of Trotts Hill to keep the school rules “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible” and to show the PRIDE learning behaviours
  • To encourage and motivate pupils in each house
  • To support with the planning and evaluating of house events
  • To support Mrs Evans to lead House Days
  • To keep minutes from each meeting, agree actions and evaluate impact.
  • To count house points and to maintain confidentiality

House Day 21st Feburary- "Small change, big difference"


On 21st February we held a house day with an eco focus. The House Captains led an assembly and we discussed how if each of us made a small change it would make a big difference to our planet. In houses we looked the 5R’s, different ways we can save energy and the impact of plastic on marine life.

The pupils worked collaboratively and shared outcomes with energy and confidence. It was a fantastic morning and each house showed our PRIDE learning behaviours. Well done to the House Captains for planning and supporting this event. 

Spring term 22


The House Captains have been busy working alongside Mrs Chumbley and Mrs Evans to plan the next house day for Spring term 2. This will be an eco-day focusing on marine life/plastics, the 3 R's and energy. the House Captains have brainstormed ideas for the day and have given advice to the house leaders. They also plan to lead an assembly and support the pupils to review their learning. 

House winners Autumn term- Hawking


It has been fantastic this term to see so many children earning house points for following our school rules, gaining house points in inter-house sporting games and showing high standards of behaviour, learning and achievement during the Autumn term. The house winners this term are Hawking. Congratulations to them. Hawking will have a non-uniform day on Friday 7th January and they can wear the house colours of blue if they wish to.


1st place Hawking 2314 house points

2nd place Picasso 2045 house points

3rd place Farah 2037 house points

4th place Rowling 2011 house points

Autumn Term 21


The House captains have been busy supporting our school this term. On September 22nd the House Captains attended the Reception welcome meeting during and after school. They shared with our new parents the house system in our school and how children can gain house points by following our school rules and showing our learning behaviours. The House Captains spoke about our school with great pride and received positive feedback. 


Hello Yellow 


On Friday 8th October the House Captains led two assemblies for "Hello Yellow" to show that we are not alone with mental health. We talked about how we are all special, wonderful and unique and ways to stay mentally  healthy. 




House Captains 2021 

Summer Term House Winners 2021


It has been fantastic this term to see so many children earning house points for following our school rules, showing high standards of behaviour, learning and achievement. Congratulations to Rowling our house winners this term!  All children in Rowling house will have a non-uniform day to celebrate this achievement. They can wear something with their house colour (purple) should they wish. The non-uniform day will take place on Monday 19th July.


1st place Rowling: 1258 points

2nd place: Picasso 1196 points

3rd place: Farah 1129 points

4th place: Hawking 1050 points


Thank you to our house captains; Freya, Will, Aroosa, Alfie, Poppy, Hayden, Sienna and Carlo who have led their houses remotely and so successfully this year.


Congratulation to our new house captains:   Joshua, Katy, Brighton, Penny, Jaydon, Lily, Charlie  and Candalyn. I know they will continue the good work.

Spring term 2021 House Winners 


It has been fantastic to see so many children earning house points for following our school rules and showing high standards of behaviour, learning and achievement.

Congratulations to Rowling who are our house winners for the spring term, they will have a non- uniform day on Friday April 23rd and can wear house colors of purple should they wish.


1st place Rowling 288 points

2nd place Hawking 232 points

3rd place Farrah 222 points

4th place Picasso 188 points


Autumn term 2020 House Winners 


Congratulations to our house winners Farah!


1st place Farah- 863

2nd place - Picasso 797

3rd place - Rowling 788

4th place Hawking- 705 


Round the World House Day November 2021


Our House Captains led a  ‘Round the World Day’. 


During the week beginning Monday 23rd November all classes took part in a ‘Round the World’ day.  Each class learnt about  a country and during their day they investigated and explored the country.   This enabled children to further develop their understanding of the world alongside developing their geographical knowledge and skills. Classes visited countries including: Brazil, Poland, Zimbabwe and India and dressed up in the colours of the flags.  The children used atlases, Google Earth, photos and video clips to explore and learn more about their country. Thank you to the House Captains who will lead virtual assemblies for children to share their learning with each other. 


The House Captains held their first virtual assembly this week, introducing themselves to their house teams. The Captains told their teams about themselves and offered words of encouragement, reminding children to follow the school rules and values, and shared ways in which they can earn house points. At the moment team Rowling are in the lead by 7 points but that can change at any time. Well done to all of the children who have earned house points this year so far!

Dream Big House Event- Wednesday 6th November



On Wednesday 6th November the House Captain led a "Dream Big" house event. They introduced the event with a powerpoint about people who inspire them. Each house talked and learnt about aspirations and hopes and dreams for the future. They made  dream catchers, dream jars, dream mobiles and leaves to hang on the aspiration tree. The children worked together, supporting and helping each other, showing the Trotts Hill learning behaviours. The houses then came back together and shared their hopes and dream for the future.


The career aspirations for our pupils reached far and wide. Some aspirations for future jobs were:

Sophie- Hairdresser, Freya- Paleontologist, George- Rugby Player, Scout- Police, Grace- Journalist, JB- Accountant or Gamer.

During the year we hope to invite visitors to our school to inspire children and expose them to various different professions. 



Dream Big- "I can and I will" 

Visitors to Trotts Hill to inspire us to "Dream Big" 

An informative visit from a local midwife 

 Thank you to Mrs Altringham for coming to talk to the children about her job as a midwife during assembly today. Mrs Altringham has been a nurse and then a midwife for 40 years and has delivered thousands of babies. We learnt that to work in the medical profession you need to be caring, respectful, patient and hard working.

As part of our dream big project people from different professions have visited our school. So far we have learnt about being an athlete, a police office, a scientist, and a lawyer. We have learnt that it is important to work hard at school, read widely and to use a computer. In order to be successful you need to persevere, be determined and resilient, which are some of our Trotts Hill learning behaviours.