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Trotts Hill Primary School and Nursery

Virtual Sports Day


We are pleased to announce that the winners of our Virtual Sports Day are... Rowling!

FULL RESULTS: 1st Place – Rowling (1345)

2nd Place – Hawking (1275) 

3rd Place – Picasso (1020)

4th Place – Farah (830)

Winners - Rowling
2nd, 3rd and 4th place

Individual Winners

The following children will receive a certificate in September for their individual performances:

Early Years  - Charlie, Amelie, Stanley, Harry B, Tinaye, Isabel P, Owen, Grace B, DC, Inaaya, Laila, Scout

Key Stage 1 – Myah, Sophie B, Jake A, Lincoln, Tilly, Leo F, Luke

Lower Key Stage 2 – Oli, Joshua B, MH, Zara, Jack A, Bailey S, Jake P, Thomas, Charlie S

Upper Key Stage 2 – Anya, Will, Lucas, Chashe, Guilia,


Information about Virtual Sports Day

This year we are holding our annual Sports Day as a virtual competition. There are 10 events for you to take part in, all of which can be completed in your house, garden or local park. The House team with the most points on Wednesday 15th July will be awarded the House Cup!


How to take part

Choose an event from the grid to complete. You can make it easier by lowering the time limit (e.g. to 30 seconds) or make it harder using the yellow challenges, increasing the time limit or by trying to beat your previous score. Make sure you wear your team colours as we do in school! If your child is in school, they may wear house colours on their PE day for the last 2 weeks of term.


How to score points for your house

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Add the events you have taken part in (and your top score if you wish to be considered for an individual award!) to the Virtual Sports Day blog on purple mash.
  2. Send your events (and scores) to or if you have a video send it to (let us know if you are happy for us to share it on the website or Facebook)


For each event you take part in you will score 5 points for your house, up to a maximum of 50 points if you complete all 10!

We will also announce the individual top scorers in each event (in different age categories) for those of you who are super competitive.


Keep an eye out for updates on the website and Facebook – the teachers will also be taking part with you. May the best House win!

Mrs Evans Vs Miss Moles

Still image for this video
Mrs Evans and Miss Moles completed a race whilst balancing a book on their heads!

Mrs Dent Vs Mrs O'Brien

Still image for this video
Mrs Dent and Mrs O'Brien completing the Egg and Spoon obstacle race.

Virtual sports Day- Sports Leaders- fitness challenge

Still image for this video
Please watch our Sports Leaders showing you how to complete different activities.

Clap and Catch activity

Still image for this video

Target throwing activity

Still image for this video


Shuttle Runs - Aroosa (yr5) & Aruhi (R), Dexter (yr2)

Set out 2 markers on a flat area (about 5m apart). Set up a box/basket of 10 objects at one end to collect and return to the other marker. How quickly can you complete it?

Fitness challenge- Susannah (yr6)

How many times can you complete this fitness challenge within 1 minute?  Start with a push up position, move to crouch, jump then complete 15-star jumps. Challenge yourself – can you bear your score next time?

Egg and Spoon challenge – Owen (R), Abhi (yr2) and Bailey (yr3)

Get a large spoon and an object that will balance on top of it. How fast can you travel with it? Can you make an obstacle course to travel through in your house?

Speed stacking – Alanna (yr3)

Find 6 objects which can be stacked (paper / plastic cups or stacking toys). How quickly can you stack them into a tower or pyramid? Challenge yourself - Can you make larger towers or pyramids using more objects?

Book balance - Bailey (yr3), Connor (yr2)

How long can you balance a book on your head for?  Ensure that you keep this on your head for as long as possible. Challenge yourself - stand on one leg, close your eyes (or both!!)

Long Jump Challenge – Mrs Wilby

Stand on a line with 2 feet together. Jump as far as you can, landing on 2 feet. Mark where you have landed. Challenge yourself - can you jump further next time? How many jumps can you do in 1 minute (scoot back after each one)?

Throw Clap Challenge – Mrs Dent

How many claps can you do when you throw the ball in the air? Make sure you don’t drop the ball otherwise it doesn’t count.


Target Throw- Giulia (yr5)

How many times can you throw an object into a bucket/basket? Challenge yourself - place your target further away then run to collect it.


Sit down/ Sit up Challenge – Leo (yr2)

How many times can you sit down then stand up within 1 minute? Challenge yourself – how many times can you lay down on your belly then stand up in 1 minute?


Bunny hop Challenge- Mr Baker

How many bunny hops can you complete within a minute? Start and finish each jump with your hands and feet on the floor. You can do them on the spot or see how far you can travel in a straight line!